A list of suggestions that I started after DDO went F2P. Or more precisely what is left after I removed the dumb or silly suggestions or those that did not fit within the Eberron setting. In red are suggestions that I consider more important than the rest. Also I'm aware that there are walkarounds for some of the suggestions.

1. The obligatory requests that have been asked and asked time again.

- full-fledged AH (search function and more search filters)
- a "server select screen" button at the character select screen
- guild halls
- armor dyes
- item linking in chat (but not in all channels)
- preview window when buying a new armor
- social clothing (but not something ******** like stormtrooper, nurse, ninja or frog suits)
- explored maps should not go back to unexplored status after a while

2. Do not add:

- threat meters or meters of any kind
- cash shop items that upgrade equipment
- cash shop items that prevent items from breaking if the upgrade fails
- cash shop items that decrease the failure rate of upgrades

3. Checkbox for "hide items I can't use" on AH.

Optionally a checkbox for "hide items I can't use unless I can beat their UMD requirement" for RR or alignment restricted items.

4. Force people to type /g if they want to talk in general chat.

Easy to implement: remove the "general" option from "set outgoing text type". It will get rid of mistells and will triple the average IQ of the general chat which right now looks like Retardoland. What's the point of having a general chat if I have to turn it off for all my characters?

5. Locking collectables in the collectables bag.

Locked collectables are not exchanged at collectors, regardless of the dialog option you choose. To avoid those "Oh ****!" moments when you realise that you just traded 2 fragrant drowshoods for a potion when you choosed the "Here take what you need" dialog option. Gems can be treated the same for those that like to collect expensive gems.

6. Being able to choose a color for friends' names.

The same for ignored/squelched characters.

7. Remember my settings for the 2 checkboxes from the Grouping panel (Show groups I am not eligible for & Hide content I don't own)

First thing I do when I log in is to uncheck the first and to check the second. I understand why players with lots of characters like the default settings but these are exactly the opposite of what a player with only a couple of characters needs.

8. Kick to character selection screen for inactivity and after a few more minutes kick to desktop.

Because it's annoying to be kicked seconds before returning from afk and having to go through the whole process of getting back ingame.

9. Merge the human, dwarf, elf, halfling bane suffixes.

Might go against the D&D rules but it will sure be convenient. You have banes that work against a ****load of enemies (undead, evil outsider, chaotic outsider, aberration, elemental, construct, giant) and at the bottom of the bane pyramid you have the human, elf/drow, dwarf, halfling, orc, gnoll banes.

10. A "Hide surnames" option.

11. An Ignored/Squelched panel in the Social window.

Similar to the friends list but with an extra comment column to remind me why I squelched them. Also makes it easier to remove players from the list compared to how painful it is now.

12. Xp bonuses for kills/traps disarmed/secret dors found/breakables.

I'm not asking for the maximum xp bonus but if a quest has only one secret door and we find it then we should receive at least the 8% minimum bonus instead of nothing. The same goes for breakables or kills, give us the minimum bonus for killing all 20 mobs or for scouring the whole dungeon to break all 6 barrels, it's not our fault there aren't more to kill/break.

13. Raid reflagging alternative.

First time running the raid you have to run all prerequisite quests but for the succeeding raids you only have to run one (or two) of the prerequisite quests, chosen by rotation.

14. When calculating threshold numbers for xp bonuses don't take respawning mobs into consideration.

Might make sense in some quests but it doesn't in others. Take Taming the Flames for example, you finished all objectives (all that is left is to return the scroll to Fulvio), you killed every non-respawning mob and lots of respawning mobs but the killing xp bonus is stuck at 15%. So you have to waste more time running around waiting for the summoned elementals to respawn until the game finally decided you suffered enough and gives you the 25% bonus.

15. Colored coded icons for the Who panel.

Replace the ones that are almost identical to each other with colored bubbles like the ones for the online/offline status from the Friends panel.
Red bubble = In party
Green bubble = Group looking for more players
Yellow bubble = Player looking for group

16. Checkbox for "pure classes only" in the Who panel.

17. Preview items from AH in the focus orb.

18. Redesign the Pit's Bilge Control Room.

The Pit is awesome, looking like it was designed by Dr. Szell, Hannibal Lecter and the Jigsaw killer. Except the Bilge Control Room where you go in, kill a few mobs and pull a lever. That's all? Seriously?

19. Map markers for all quest givers.

There are no map markers for the Marketplace quest givers for Gladewatch Outpost Defense and Archer Pont Defense quests. A couple of quest givers from Three Barrel Cove dont have map markers either.

20. Being able to search for letter sequences on AH.

Lazyman's AH search, finding superior potency items with just a "sup pot" search.

21. Replace quest names like "The <quest name>" with "<quest name> (The)" in the Quest journal and in the Adventures panel from the Adventure Compendium window.

As it works now they are alphabetized by the second word but not still not listed by it so my eyes have to play the ping pong game when looking at the quest list.

22. Rotate the map and minimap for some quests.

Some quests have the entrance in the upper side of the map which makes it a confusing navigating or following directions when turning left actually means going right on the map.

23. True reincarnation appearance.

I'm thinking of one of these two:
- colored streaks when running like the Flash streaks
- fuming eyes like the ones for Grey Wardens from Dragon Age

This also means you can buy color change potions for streaks/fumes in the cash shop.

24. Switching instances should reset all but the last one you entered.

I can't find a good reason why I can open more than one instance and keep them all opened until the 5 minutes countdown timer expires for each of them. Doesn't this lag the server?

25. Send mail AND send the money to my inventory when outbidded or when successfully selling something on AH.

Because right now the richest have more chances of winning an auction while the less rich are busy retrieving from the mail the money from the last 10 bids they were outbidded on so they could bid again on the same item.

26. Dragontouch armor crafting alternative.

- Make all runes tradeable
- Make 3 types of eldritch runes (A, B and C), each type randomly granting one out 5 possible effects
- Balance the effects between the 3 types of eldritch runes to avoid putting all the best effects on the same rune type
- Do the same for tempest and sovereign runes (3 types for each, 5 possible effects for each tempest type and 10 for each sovereign type)

The quests giving runes will be run even by those frustrated by the present crafting system and that gave up on it, an economy centered around runes is created and the randomness factor, even if reduced, is kept. Players win, Turbine wins.

27. A /tar or /target command.

For when you want to see the info of a player that zipped past you.

28. A party tab in the Grouping panel.

There is no easy way of telling the level of the party members or their other class(es)? Inconceivable!

29. Info for arcane spell success rate and running speed shown in the Character panel.

30. Differentiate between /say from players and /say from monsters/npcs.

Because I want to turn one off and leave the other one on.

31. Private shops.

Just kidding.

32. "One server only" versions for DDO store items with account wide effects (adventure packs, races, classes, shared bank, character slots, etc). With a twist.

There are two categories of players, those that say that the glass is half full (adventure packs are too cheap, they should cost 6 times as much because they unlock quests on the whole account) and those that say that the glass is half empty (that don't care if the quests are unlocked on all servers, they only play on one server so the packs should cost 6 times less). I am siding with the "glass is half empty" players, I feel cheated when I have to pay for extra options I will never ever ever use.

So I'm thinking of a fix:
- make "one server only" versions for DDO store account wide items
- make them cost less than account wide items (80% for example)
- make sure that buying 2 "one server only" items for 2 different servers always costs more than the same account wide item (160% vs. 100%)
- make sure that "one server only" items are never subject to discounts (always 80% vs. 70-75%)

The players win, Turbine wins (buying "one server only" item is almost the same as waiting for an account wide item to go on sale).

33. Achievement titles with bonuses attached to them.

Choose the right title with the right bonus at the right time. Bonuses can be things like 5 points of elemental resistance X that stacks with everything, DR 1/- that stacks with everything, regen 1hp/min, +1 to save X or skill Y that stacks with everything etc. Maybe add a 1-2 mins cooldown timer for title switching.

34. Place one shrine in quests without shrines.

A suggestion that might bother the more hardcore players but I fail to see a "the hard quests have less shrines" pattern, I've seen easy quests with too many or too few shrines and hard quests with too many or too few shrines.

35. Different color for the party leader's map marker.

Easier to follow the only red dot rather that one out of the 6-12 blue dots.

36. Dice gambling.

- you need a gambling window since it's not a gambling through dialog options type of game
- 1 npc + 1-6 players (the npc is there to act as a money sink if she wins)
- the players have to be in the same party
- the party leader chooses the number of dices and dice sides
- the party leader chooses the ante amount
- everyone pushes the "place ante" button
- everyone pushes the "roll" button after the last player pushes the "place ante" button
- gold is taken from inventory after the last player pushes the "roll" button
- roll results are shown

37. Quivers should hold more types of arrows/bolts.

Because a quiver can hold a maximum of 6 types while between the enhancement, elemental, alignment, material, bane and slaying mods there are probably 100 types of arrows and 100 types of bolts.

38. Display the total number of players online in the Who panel.

Something like... Players online: X of which Anonymous: Y.

39. The "Auction won" mail should say how much I paid for the item.

Because I want to be reminded how much I payed for the item especially when I bid on 20 different items and I win auctions 3 days after placing my bid.

40. Cross-servers AH with double the auction fee.

Would make a good money sink but could also **** up the economy.

41. A banner carried on the back by the party leader.

A samurai like banner, makes it easier to distinguish who the party leader is.

42. Some way of telling when the ransack cycle for a chest/quest ends.

Maybe save the info client side since there are too many quests and so many chests.

43. Separate inventory bag for quest items and soul stones.

Don't waste my bag space with quest items, forcing me to go through all my items to find the least expensive one so I can destroy it whenever I want to pick up new loot but I can't because I have no room for it because of the quest items I have to carry.

44. Toggleable activity indicators for chat tabs.

Make the tab blink, light up or play the Rickroll song whenever someone says something in that particular chat.

45. Buy from AH by splitting the stacks.

Needs 2 columns on the AH, a price per stack and a price per unit column. Only works for stacks with a buyout price and only if you pay the buyout price. If A bids for a stack of 10 items and B buys 1 item from the stack then A receives a mail with a refund worth 1/10 of the amount of money he bidded on the stack.

Seemed like a good idea when I first thought of it but it looks complicated now.

46. Squelch list for accounts.

Squelch someone and all characters he has/will ever have. The list shows only the names of the characters you squelched and not all characters from that account. Since this is a powerful tool the list should have a very limited capacity, 3-5 names, to be used only in extreme situations.

47. Ingame crafting planner.

Because the player made ones are extremely popular and an ingame one would be the popularestest.

48. Some way of telling who sent us the latest mail.

Like a "Sender: X" message when hovering the cursor over the unicorn icon from the focus orb.

49. Being able to place map markers with text notes attached to them.

This is possible in Saga of Ryzom, I had dozens of them on each region map, all saved client side in an .icfg file.

50. Select target's target hotkey.

So that everyone in the party can whack the same monster.

51. Ingame encyclopedia.

Like an ingame Monster Manual and more:
- you unlock new pages by killing a particular type of monsters, kobolds for example
- for every X kobolds you kill you unlock a new piece of information about them (type, special abilities, environment, famous kobolds, weaknesses, alignment, etc)
- killing 1000 kobolds unlocks a rotating 3D model of a kobold
- after the kobold page is complete the kobold kill counter is reset and once you kill another 1000 kobolds you receive another kobold page in the mail, page that you can trade to other people
- the possibilities are endless, there can be pages with lore about stormreach, eberron, houses, heroes, unique items, classes, races, etc

52. Black and white quests.

I thought about this while looking at some illustrations Gustav Dore made for The Divine Comedy, especially the ones for Inferno.

53. Percentage display for hp/mana of party members.

54. Quest xp preview.

- displayed on the standard xp bar
- uses a different color than the one used for already gained xp
- shows how much xp you will gain when you finish the quest
- does not include xp from optional objectives
- is updated whenever the xp bonuses are changing

55. Delete characters 60 seconds after pushing the "delete" button.

Useful to those that have characters with similar names, gives you 60 seconds to undo a deletion mistake.

56. Recruiting channel.

57. Show buffs next to party members' names.

58. Automatic gold gathering.

Passing by the coins would automatically pick them up. Only works for coins, other types of loot are not affected. Might break immersion but why have coins drop so often from breakables if I have to manually pick up every single stack?

59. DDO store potions.

Some might be overpowered:
- shrinking potion (not much maybe 20%... 3 types: self, friend, monster)
- ransack reset potion (3 types: for quest rewards, for all the chests within a quest or for a single chest)
- die hard potion (to be drank before dieing, you are incapacitated when killed, no matter how much damage you take when killed your hp doesn't go lower than -10)
- elemental change potion (randomly changes the elemental dmg/resist/guard of an item)
- alignment change potion (randomly changes the alignment type of dmg of an item)
- bank access potion (you can access your bank from anywhere)
- RR potion (adds a random race requirement to an item without RR and lowers the ML of the item or randomly changes the RR on an item that already has a RR)
- sex change potion
- plastic surgery/cosmetic potion
- surname change potion

60. Define loot priorities for inventory tabs.

Because instead of the loot going everywhere in my bags I want it to go to my 4th inventory bag and when that one is full to the 2nd bag .

61. Grant F2P players access to all quests. With a twist.

A way of trying out adventure packs before buying them. The twist is that they get no xp, no loot, no end quest rewards, no nothing but they get all of the downsides like death, damaged equipment, etc.

62. Experience catalysers.

I don't like how the xp/loot potions work in DDO, following the same old formula for cash shop mmos that sell xp potions where the company charges a fixed amount of money for an item with widely variable effects. I would feel cheated if I were to buy +% xp over N hours potions, being "forced" to race through as many quests as possible to maximize xp gain, getting angry because the rest of the party is moving too slow and spending as little time as possible in town because the time ticks away.

So I suggest a +% xp type of consumable that is successfully implemented in another mmorpg, Saga of Ryzom. Ryzom doesn't have a cash shop so cats (short-term for experience catalysers in Ryzom) are obtained from outposts that you can win from other guilds in outpost wars, each outpost producing 16 stacks of 999 cats/day. In Ryzom cats double the amount of xp gained, in DDO they can be implemented like this:
- buy stacks of 1000 +20% xp cats from the DDO store
- activate them (a double click on the stack toggles between on/off status and a cats icon appears in the buff bar)
- once activated they are consumed only if you gain xp
- for every 50 points of normal xp you gain another 10 xp from cats and a cat is consumed
- fractions lower than 50 xp (1-49 xp) are not affected by cats

Thsi means that for a quest that gives 2738 xp without cats 54 cats will be consumed and you will gain 3278 xp (2738 + 2700*0.2).

The same can be done for loot cats, buying stacks of 100 of +1 loot cats, one cat being consumed for every opened chest. Or 1 cat/chest for lvl 1-4 quests, 2 cats/chest for lvl 5-8 quests and so on.

63. An extra column on AH for the number of items in a stack.

Because right now sorting items by name is done by sorting by the number of items in the stack first and then by name. Not only that but sorting by the number of items in the stack is done wrong, instead of sorting them like "2, 6, 20, 71, 100" the AH sorts them like "100, 2, 20, 6, 71".

64. The ability to lock/unlock UI elements other than the shortcut bars.

65. The ability to add someone to our friends list when they are offline.

It's annoying to have to try to add them over and over hoping to catch them online.

66. Maps for caves/dungeons/underground complexes for those quests that take place in open areas.

67. /roll when buying an item the DDO store.

I want to buy something that costs 595 TP, I /roll 1d595 and I pay an amount of TP equal to the roll's result. Players wins, Turbine wi... well nevermind