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    Default Create Trade tab in social panel similar to LFM

    I would like to see.....

    The trade chat removed from the general chat window.
    Add a tab to the social panel based on the LFM tab (many used the LFMS as a trade area)
    Use this to put up trade windows that can be used to create trade party windows.
    Pull all the WTT and need, this selling that +1 whatevers out of the gnereal chat window screen.
    Would even like to see an option in the gameplay to remove those chat screens in all area's not just when I am in a quest.
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    We can't even get people to use the grouping tab lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorien_the_First_One View Post
    We can't even get people to use the grouping tab lol
    That's because no one knows about it (it was never covered in the tutorial).

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    I stand behind this. I get annoyed and then have to remember that f2p only get what is it, one auction every 24 hours? Granted half the stuff they're selling is horsecakes, but they also don't know that either.

    As for the Social Panel, correct. They have no idea it even exists half the time, and when you say "It's in the manual" they're unaware a manual was downloaded alongside the game. Oversights that need be remedied.

    And before anyone accuses new players of being lazy, I have witnessed that when informed of the social panel a good chunk of them actually use it. The ones who toss a fit and cry are people who will be gone before long anyways.

    in short

    Cut EVERYONE a break.

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    This has been brought up about 6,000 times and the Devs never chime in on it. All apperances are that they want to avoid such a thing in favor of directing folks to the AH, which has a side benefit of draining some cash from the economy.

    I would guess that the only reason a trade chat channel was introduced was because bastardized trade channels were being introduced.
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