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    Default Change Default on the any box for "WHO" tab

    Under the social panel the 'WHO' tab is defaulted to being checked on for all classes and all levels.
    I find this on logging in and during gameplay to be is a source of major lag.
    I am asking for that to be defaulted to the unchecked position.

    Part of my current routine is upon logging in while I am stuck and unable to move for a minute is to uncheck this and then press search.
    We even have a routine before Boss fights to have everyone go through and turn this off, and we do as a group notice a significant difference.
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    Allow us to keep that setting off, persistent, and account wide.

    Quote Originally Posted by hsinclair
    I heard the devs hate all wizards, bards, clerics, fighters, and fuzzy bunnies and only want us to play halfling barbarian/paladin shuriken specialists!

    It's totally true, I have a reliable source. You better reroll now.
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