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    Default Playing DDO keyboard only

    When I started playing DDO, I really struggled with the using the mouse for to attack and keyboard to move. In other MMOs I'm pretty much a pure keyboard user, and the mouse attacking confounded me. When I looked on the forums at the time, I couldn't find much info except comments that using the mouse to attack was the way of DDO, and I'd get used to it in time.

    Not so much.

    After fiddling with several alternatives, I did find a key mapping that allows me to strictly use the keyboard for all movement and combat, with the mouse clicks reserved for non-combat selection and interaction and looking around. This felt much more natural to me. For anyone else looking for a more "traditional" way to play, here's what I did.

    On Key Mapping in Options:
    Clear the "Move Foreward" key and reset it for keyboard cursor up arrow
    Clear the "Move Backward" key and reset it for keyboard cursor down arrow
    Clear the "Turn Right" key and reset it for keyboard cursor right arrow
    Clear the "Turn Left" key and reset it for keyboard cursor left arrow
    Clear the "Attack" key and reset it for "A" (or your preferred "swing your weapon" key)
    Clear the "Action Interact" key and reset it for mouse button 0
    Clear the "DDO Classic" key and reset it for mouse button 1 (this may have already been this way, not sure)

    I left "Jump" on the space bar, and didn't worry about "strafing" keys, as I don't strafe, but these could be changed as well. I also inverted mouselook in the mouse options.

    In practice, this allows me to move easily using the arrow keys (and space bar to hop/jump around), while pressing the "A" key to swing. Because DDO doesn't reduce your "To Hit" modifier when you spin in place, it's easy to spin around to attack several mobs that may be around me at no penalty. If I get surrounded, I can hop/jump out, back up, and gather them into my front quadrant.

    My most used special attacks (cleave, haste boost, etc) as well as access to my main in-combat heals (pot, lay on hands, heal spell, depending on the character) are all on the 1-9 number keys, so when I need to use one of them, I just reach up and go there.

    Mouse pointer is left more or less mid-screen (it's exact location doesn't seen to matter much except for ranged attacks when I'm not moving around anyway) and is used when not in combat to open doors, disable devices, etc, and to select non-combat oriented clickies like underwater breathing, weapon switchouts etc that I keep on my other bars. One caution regarding this mapping is that the mouse pointer must be in the 3-D window rather than hovering over some part of the UI. It also doesn't work if I have the big map or my inventory or character sheet open.

    This method is working great for me with melee characters - rogue, fighter, ranger, pally, barb, but may not be as convenient for casters with lots of ranged spell targeting. I am using it successfully with a cleric though, since I can select my groupmates with the "F" keys and I have my heals on the 1-9 hotbar.

    As a bonus, this layout eliminates accidently swinging my weapon when I want to open a door or talk to an NPC. :-)

    Not for everyone, and maybe trickier for casters, but for those like me who wanted to make DDO work more like EQ/LotRO/WoW and other MMOs I've played, it's great.

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    Sounds like a whole lot more work then just holding down the right mouse button to attack. Just sayin

    "Hit points=DPS! You aren't doing ANY DPS when ur dead!"
    and like that,.......he was gone.

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    Well as I said, not for everyone. I imagine that most folks like the keyboard/mouse setup or a slight variation of it just fine, but for me moving and fighting was like trying to rub my stomach and tap my head at the same time, I was *terrible* at it. In fact, I was so frustrated I nearly gave up on the game, which I didn't want to do because I loved some of DDOs unique features and the detailed character building.

    When I searched here and googled for alternative control methods for the game, what I found was mostly players who were using special game controllers, but nothing on getting all normal movement and fighting onto the keyboard. Hence this post so that maybe some new players who like me who are struggling with the controls will have an alternative to try.

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    if you cast spells or do ranging, you may want to use mouse look mode. timer tracker, completions tracker, search engine, puzzle solver, xp table
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    I have the opposite problem, I'm older than dirt and don't have the motor skills to steer using WASD so I sue my mouse to steer and attack,clicking out of mouse lock with the right mouse key to click on ther than m1 bar which I use 1-0. This is awkward but works solo but is a cluster fork trying to group. I will be getting a microphone next week so I can play in groups. I am not sure I have the motor skills for s game pad but will look into that. Does anybody have any suggestions?

    While I am asking questions, do the bank and mail reach across servers? I doubt it, but if it does it would be great to transfer gear to characters on another server.

    I would like to thank all those who have been kind enough to answer my numerous questions. We have a great community here.

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