Are you tired of the forces of evil threatening our fair city? Are you unable to take a step without tripping over kobolds, oozes, or what-have-you? Are you despairing that you have no allies in your attempts to bring righteous judgement upon the heads of the foul menaces festering in Stormreach?

Take heart! Knightforce is looking for a few good men, women, and ungendered entities. Led by Mykil Mikullum, this new guild is endeavouring to make the streets, warehouses and surrounding areas a safe place for the good citizens of Stormreach.

Are you up to the challenge of joining Knightforce in its noble goals? Seek out Mykil to enlist.

(The OOC fine print)

If you're looking for a hardcore raiding or PVP guild, you likely won't be interested. The aim of this guild is simply to have fun.

Casuals and newcomers to the game are heartily welcomed.

Roleplaying is encouraged, but not necessary.