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    Default Casters and your FTS !! Stop it lol !!

    Morning all

    So Khybers Wayward Lobster had a caster last night who decided he was gonna hop in and start FTS-ing then using Searing Light ? on everyone .... over and freakin' over !!


    He was 20th lvl and hitting everyone from lvl 1-20 .... I have honestly never heard of him or his guild before BUT whatever !

    Anyways ..... a quick breakdown of last nights events ..... After I grew tired of peeps leaving cause they couldn't manage to hop into the lobster with out being instant statue I decided to start sending "said toon" tells regarding the method to his enraged sorc madness

    So eventually after we went from 20+ peeps in there down to about 3, I decided it was time to send a **** tell !!

    My toon /tell ******** HEY 20th lvl CASTER

    FTS-ing everyone and then hitting them with searing light is NOT PvP ......

    Its LvP ( Lame vs. Player )

    Regardless I was lucky enough to drop him once with my 11th lvl toon and then got the tell from him saying

    /you would be nothing without your manyshot !

    Really ? Coming from the caster that only fights stuff AFTER they are stone ??

    Oh well .... I guess I'd be a little embarrssed as well if my super uber 20th lvl caster just got owned by a 11th lvl archer using only a Greater Construct Bane Bow

    I decided I needed to grab a higher lvl toon or this me turing into stone was gonna keep happening all night

    As it turns out it didnt matter and Cassiee and any other toon that went into PvP was an instant statue ALL the time lol !!

    ( excpet for the one time Lightning Strike went off with Cassiees first arrow )


    Well ..... just an FYI to you caster types. Yes Manyshot can be powerful BUT it is only 20 seconds long and still allows YOU the opponent to heal up and fight back

    FTS then Searing Light a way out if you dont know how to heal yourself up and are afraid to try out some other spells.

    There is a list of spells that are awesome in PvP that you could try out ... Take a look in that book of spells for a few.

    So a quick message and maybe a plea from us NON casting types

    I know PvP is usually the last concern on anyones mind .... but for the few of us that do enjoy it. Please allow toons to fight in PvP

    Flesh to Stone / Then Searing Light ? ( or some instant death spell lol ) tends to clear a once busy PvP room.

    /rant off

    Later gang !!

    PS: Rematch tonight bro ? I got the FTS-ing casters coming so you may wanna bring some archers !!

    Edited due the fact DDO preferred I didnt use names here !! hehe
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