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    Default Drow Sorc: The Voice of Power Build

    I like the idea of the Sorcerer template build "the voice of power", but I've read a lot of posts blasting the DDO templates in general. Does this template result in a decent build?
    I have unlocked drow, and bought Fvs, WF and Monk, but I do not have access to the 32 pt build or tomes yet.

    What would be a good build along this idea?


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    With a Drow you can build a sorcerer that has high traits in Dex and Intel if you desire and also have the highest base Charisma (main sorc stat) in the game. If these are what your looking for then Drow just may be your best selection.

    I don't know the "voice of power" progression by heart. However, the starting build stats are fine. Magic missile is a great spell, but you don't really get bang for your buck until 3rd level (thats when I would advise taking it).

    An enchantment build is an extremely power build.
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