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    Default Help me decide/What I want

    I'm one of those people that has difficulty playing a class and sticking with it if it doesn't meet all of my playstyle demands. So I end up with a few characters half made, and then sit there wondering which one will bring me the most joy to play.

    Currently I have:
    Elf 2 Ranger/3 Rogue(going all rogue henceforth) - Dual wielding scimitars(elf bonuses too), rogue skills, cure wands for self sufficiency, etc

    Drow 6 explanation needed

    Dwarf 3 Cleric - Trying to be a high AC, high res battle cleric focusing on heals. Tough vs mobs character and easy to play, but boring.

    Drow 2 Fighter, 1 Wizard - Not sure where I am going with this one, have dual wield short swords, ac buffing and crowd control. Was thinking 4 fighter 16 wizard.

    I'll tell you what I want, and maybe someone can tell me what I need.
    I would like a character that can AOE DPS/CC(either/or/and) with decent melee dps and self sufficiency for soloing. Heals would be nice, AC would be nice, but my main focus is having the equivalent of a 2e Kensai/Mage or Militant Wizard.

    There are alot of possibilities, I might be on the right track with the Fighter/Wizard. But I wonder if a Ranger/Wizard(no UMD check for heal wands) would be better, or a Sorcerer(less buffs thought) with a melee splash instead. I don't care about rogue skills(I have a rogue, its nice but can be done without). My biggest problem with it all(multiclassing that is) is that it takes so long in this game to level and see what you have built. If I pursue this Fighter/Wizard, I won't have the proper spells(stoneskin, haste, fireball) to complement the melee dps and low ac until level 10+.

    Is a bard possibly what I want? Can they effectively solo?

    If you've read through all this and have any ideas for me, I'm willing to listen(no warforged please, they are too ugly :P).
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