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    You can also use "Shining devastation" as a ooze beater, and rust monster beater(and quite a bit more), if you manage to pull it. Also phosphor is a awesome ooze and undead killer(if you want to grind one of these out :P) .

    Also my muckbane hasn't really ever let me down, I just wish it killed faster, as it is currently pretty slow on the killing.

    *edit* Also it seems shining devastation is not bound. so you could buy one, and one of those is better then a muck's doom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knightgf View Post
    The best version of the 'muck' family of weapons is the most rare weapon that could be pulled out of any level chest thats high enough to drop it...if you thought muckdoom is rare, wait till you try pulling this...

    a +5 Everbright Maul of Greater Ooze Bane(If such a weapon can exist...if it is too powerful, reduce the + value by 1 until it is in range)
    Don't believe you can have both Everbright and Bane (Lesser, normal or Greater) on a weapon as they are both suffix's.
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    no...just buy masterwork Great Clubs on the AH....I head they go for a mil plat....good value for a ooze/slaim/puddin beater :P
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    Just equip a shield and then hit them with your fist, damage about the same as muckbane.

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    I usually hold onto blunt weps of Everbright that I find.

    Handwraps...or bare knuckles.

    My Monk has Flaming Handwraps of Greater Ooze Bane.

    I also bound and attuned a Qstaff of Greater Ooze Bane....

    But I also have a bunch of Muckbanes floating around.

    If I do the tutorial, I always take the moldy Qstaff just for oozes.

    Grey oozes do not split, so ranging them works well.

    Returning throwing hammers do not take damage from oozes.

    Still got some lumps of coal lying around.

    And the best is the Sun Flasks!

    Lots of options.

    (Can we still buy 1cp clubs?)
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