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    Default Ala Rubra Dedicated Team

    The Ala Rubra team meet every week on Thursday evenings 8 PM EST.

    We have two spots for anyone at level 16-18 who wish to join us.

    We started Oct. 8th , 2009 on Sarlona. We are part of Thalion’s “Dedicated Teams Guild” and a light RP group. Slow and steady….not to say if we all know the quest very well… and all agree, we can speed it up a lil, but NO ZERGING! Keep it a Team effort!

    Oh, one more thing, NEWBIES ARE WELCOME! Come join the DDO experience. If this day and time do not work for you, follow the above “Dedicated” link. I’m sure you can find something.


    1) no zerging

    2) Vendors are ok to buy from and sell too also

    3) Light to med Role Play…(don’t let this scare you off, it’s fun, try it!) in –Character will be normal party type…out of character will be ((here )) again don’t let this scare ya…easier then ya think. Keep Voice chat to a min. Only use if have too.... ie…raids, big trap ahead..etc, etc….

    4) The DDO store is fine, but try to not bribe your way to top.

    5) This is a Dedicated/Static Team…. Don’t use the toon outside the party nights. If you miss a night or two, and need to catch up with XP ,or quest, that is fine…but keep it to a minimum.

    6) Everyone shall be on the same level. If you take your time to solo some content (mostly, explorer and lower level favor), bank your extra XP until everyone catch on the next level. We don't care if your XP is capped.

    7) Have fun! Don’t let small things stress you out! It’s a game lets enjoy it!

    The Ala Rubra Team!

    1) PlaneswalkerJP (Gineon Planeswalker, Drow Pyromancer)

    2) ELRON (Zully, Halfling Assasin)

    3) S1gma (Nemamiah J'orsen, Human Healer)

    4) Izdaari (Yzette Eristikon, Halfling Monk)

    5) Can be you

    6) Can be you

    Quests Completed (Casual/Solo, Normal, Hard, Elite - Updated 09/02/11)

    Level 1-8
    Untracked (0 XP to complete on Elite)

    Level 9

    The Threnal Arena
    The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple (AKA: Cult of six part 3)
    The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate (AKA: Cult of six part 4)
    The Shadow Crypt
    Gateway to Khyber
    The Jungle of Khyber (AKA: Vault of Night 3)
    Haywire Foundry (AKA: Vault of Night 4)
    The Giants' Lair
    The Giant Lieutenants
    The Library of Threnal (AKA: Threnal East 1)
    The Church and the Cult
    The Keeper's Sanctuary
    The Missing Expedition (AKA: Threnal South 1)
    Entering the Gate Chamber (AKA: Threnal South 2)
    The Last Stand
    Fathom the Depths
    The Claw of Vulkoor
    Into the Deep

    Level 10

    The Sanctum: Quench the Flames (AKA: Cult of six part 5)
    The Sanctum: Church of the Fury (AKA: Cult of six, part 6)
    The Giants' Supplies
    Escort the Expedition (AKA: Threnal East 2)
    Hold for Reinforcements (AKA: Threnal East 3)
    Secure the Area (AKA: Threnal West 3)
    The Gate Chamber (AKA: Threnal South 3)
    Plane of Night (AKA: Vault of Night 6)
    Sykros' Jewel
    Hiding in Plain Sight
    Slavers of the Shrieking Mines
    The Chamber of Rahmat
    Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan!
    Tempest Spine
    Vault of Night (AKA: Vault of Night 5)

    Level 11

    And the Dead Shall Rise
    Raid the Vulkoorim
    The Enemy Within
    From Beyond the Grave
    Desert Caravan
    The Twilight Forge (AKA: Titan pre-raid)
    Made to Order
    Tomb of the Tormented
    Tomb of the Unhallowed
    Dreams of Insanity
    Purge the Fallen Shrine
    The Spawn of Whisperdoom
    The Chamber of Kourush
    Tomb of the Blighted
    Tomb of the Forbidden
    An Offering of Blood
    Maraud the Mines

    Level 12

    A Relic of a Sovereign Past
    Against the Demon Queen (AKA. ADQ1)
    Zawabi's Revenge (AKA. ADQ2)
    The Cursed Crypt
    The Chamber of Raiyum
    Diplomatic Impunity
    Frame Work
    Eyes of Stone
    Chains of Flame

    Level 13

    A Cabal for One
    A Cry for Help
    Mired in Kobolds
    Assault on Summerfield
    Blockade Buster
    Feast or Famine
    Foundation of Discord
    Trial by Fire

    Level 14

    The Prison of the Planes

    Level 15

    Sinister Storage
    Fear Factory
    In The Flesh
    Acid Wit
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