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    Talking Miss Stormreach Pageant!

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (does anyone say that anymore?)
    Morah and Clankenbeard are proud to bring you:

    Nominate your favorite NPC here in this thread!!!! Who is Most Beautiful? Who is Miss Congeniality?
    Who has the Most Poise? Who can get past those pesky interview questions? Who will take the evening gown competition?
    We ALL want to know!!!!

    So nominate someone here, and let the cheesy advertisements start rolling in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Visit the website at!
    (Yeah, that's right... we own the domain name! We are serious about our cheesy contests!)

    We will be posting ads and pictures of candidates who get through Clankenbeard's rigorous screening process of hawtness!
    (You essentially just have to look at him directly to get in.)

    This will be very similar in nature to the MAYOR of STORMREACH election that was held last year!
    Don't know what that is? You should be ashamed of yourself! Go to right now and refresh your memory!!!!

    Now get to posting and may the best, hawtest NPC win!

    (Special thanks to Papa Smurf and Phoenixfire for letting me steal this idea from them at Gencon 2009!!!!)
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