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    Default Not Bad for a Ranger

    I know it's not that impressive since it's on normal, but still, I had a blast. Could probably do it on a higher difficulty, but I was only doing this for flagging.

    PS: No architectural/terrain exploits were used in the production of this solo.
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    I find it very impressive m8, how about them wind ele's ehh? is that fun or what! I have taken to scrolling evervation and FoD on them its much more fun =) If you can do this on normal then you can do it on hard so I would give it a go.

    only thing about the boss is he has more HP's and you get like 5-6 devils in the room rather then 2. The hardest part about this one is just getting to the boss.
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    Got to say big props on that, and how the hell u work with all them dam action bars and buttons... didnt know rangers had more then shoot and roll...

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