Our guild will be sponsoring a Tour of Xendrik on Monday Nights. This group will be made so players can experience the content.

This will be a static group which will meet on Mondays from about 7pm EST to about 11pm EST. We will start in Korthos in tutorial mode and progress through the village quests and the Island quests. We will run these quests on the Hard setting.

Then we will do the same through the Harbor and Market quests - all on the Hard setting.

We will run through the content one time - on hard - and proceed to the next quest.

Rules will be the base rules of the Valhalla Permadeath Guild
1 - No Rez Shrines (rez only by spell/ability)
2 - No use of AH
3 - No Buying from Brokers (selling okay)
4 - No Buying Consumable Magic (Scrolls, potions, wands but components are fine)
5 - Open the quest on the hardest setting available
6 - No Twinking, PUGS, Exploits or Spoilers

In addition the character that runs with this group may only run with this group.

This is a great way to learn the content of the game in a group setting and also a chance for those who may wish to try the Permadeath playstyle.

Send a reply via PM or in game tell (Ghallanda Server)

If interested join our website - link at the bottom.

Our guild has over 50 registered members who represent about 125 various characters. Typically we have members on most of the day with peak times being 6pm to 1am EST.

We work as a team and welcome you to join us.

KG Wiking