Two of our veteran guild members will be sponsoring a static group "Saturday Morning Toons". This is a PD group that will also feature RP. As an example you may have a Barbarian named BAM BAM who is fond of great clubs - heck maybe he only wears the starter rags for armor - as diapers. The cartoon feature is not mandatory but is welcomed.

The static group will do a Permadeath Tour of Xendrik.
The will run the content of Korthos, The harbor, The Market etc in a sequential manner following the compendium.
The members of this tour must be members of our guild, but this is a great way to experience the content of the game within a challenging rule set.

If this interests you please give me a PM, an in game email (Ghallanda only) or an ingame tell to any officer of our guild.

We are on Ghallanda.

Check our website for more details.

KG Wiking