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Lotro has easy to use drag and item drop into chat window so others can click it to examine it. Not sure how great of a help that would be here since once you read what an item is here you know what it does and there are way fewer named items in this game as Lotro. Many there just link stuff to show off like how many times person X for example has looted the same Rift piece and is vendoring it when 99.99% of others havent even got I on 1 character. May help for the newer items especially for players who never read forums.
That's not really true. Various things added to an item have different point distributions. For example if you have a +2 Seeker Longsword, then how do you know how much of a boost Seeker gives you without typing it in the trade wndow. Or how about a helmet that has wisdom and escape in the name...how do you know what the stat distribution is without typing that out? Why do all that typing when you can simply link the item in the chat window and the person looking at it can compare it easily to what they have? If I have a piece of armor that I want to give to my wife, it's hard for me to tell her how good it is since the window only shows it's AC bonus in relation to my own stats. What I've been doing now is opening a trade with her and sticking the item in the trade window for her to compare to what she has. That's not a good solution to the problem.

I don't see how this is a waste of time. Shouldn't take that long to add it in.