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    Default Class/Race advice for a New Player

    Hello, I recently started playing this game, and have made a level one Halfling Rogue and a level two Human Barbarian. I greatly enjoy this game, and intend to continue playing, however, I've run into a dilemma.

    My Question, simply stated, is actually quite complex: What do you suggest as a fun beginners class/race that provides some challenge, has good solo ability, and is interesting. Now, while this may be vague, I have some specifications in mind.

    I am open to almost all classes (not such a fan of bards since i cant do much grouping because of my terrible internet, which by the way, I would appreciate any tips on reducing lag and which server is the least populated). If I'm following a specific path or build it will be either a hybrid build or a build that focuses on damage, with some survivability and healing if that is an option.

    I really liked the Barbarian for it's awesome melee prowess and stamina, but I also love rogues for sneak abilities and sneak attacks/trap disarming. I don't know much about healing or spells, so any basic info on that stuff (if you recommend it) is very helpful.

    I may also make a side character to solo low level elite dungeons (I hear Cleric is good) so that i can buy either highly suggested races, classes, or areas. I like the idea of a Monk, but hear it's hard on beginners, and i really like both of the bought races (especially Warforged), but tell me if you think its bad to think about such things as a new player.

    One last question: I soloed the Crypt dungeon on Elite with my Barbarian, but found health very hard to come by. I died twice simply because my health got too low over the course of the dungeon. Where can I buy potions or other health increasing devices?

    Also, any beginner tips you can think of are appreciated. As a side note, please refrain from ranting about statistics, feats, or other complex things unless you're explaining them to me, as I know very little about this game.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Caveat: One players opinion - others will no doubt differ

    I like Ranger/rogue for the playstyle you've described. Take a rogue level first, and make sure to keep the "trapsmithing" skills maxed throughout (Spot, Search, Disable Device, Open Locks - note that you can skimp a bit on Spot & Open Locks if skill points get too tight). It's also a good idea to keep the Use Magic Device skill maxed, but that might be stratching yourself a bit thin. Either keep it maxed or don't bother with it, as it's not much use with only a few ranks.
    At second level and beyond, take ranger levels. This will give you dual-wielding and ranged feats, favored enemies, access to useful wands like Cure Light Wounds and Resist Energy, and some limited spellcasting (such as the very useful Barkskin spell). There's also Animal Empathy, which can be fun in some quests at higher levels, but isn't important enough to be a selling point of the Ranger class.

    The rogue/ranger has the ability to get to all the hidden parts of the dungeon, and get nice XP bonuses like Ingenious Debilitation and Perception (even Insidious Cunning, if you really like the sneaky playstyle), while still retaining very solid melee (and ranged) combat ability. They're a bit squishy at low level, being limited to light armor, but can heal themselves with wands pretty much as soon as they scrape together enough cash to buy them. Once they get Evasion and Barkskin, their survivability is quite good, even while dual-wielding (the Tempest enhancement line helps in this area).

    If you decide to go this route, consider elf (if you want to focus more on ranged combat), dwarf (if you're more interested in melee) or human (if you want an extra feat, extra skill points and Human Versatility). Put plenty of attribute points into the physical stats (STR, DEX, and CON), but don't completely neglect INT (it's important for rogue skills), WIS (for will saves & ranger spells) and CHA (if you plan to use UMD and Animal Empathy a lot).

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    It seems you like the melee class so far, I would suggest if you want to do a fair bit of soloing to learn the game to pick something like a ranger or a paladin. They are fairly good at low lvls, and most of all you can use wands to heal yourself up inbetween battles. Paladins are often a tight squeeze on the 28 point build as they have to spread their stats so much, so that might be something you would want to reroll later, but they, just like rangers are very self suffient. Rangers can also range when needed but you could quite easily put on a shield and fight with a rapier too and do just fine.

    I see you mentioned cleric, a battle type cleric would be good for soloing and learning the game too... make sure you take some strength so you can hit the mobs if you want to make this type of cleric, however be aware that if you join a pug, many people may expect you to heal them!

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