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    Default Just respecced my wizzy

    I respecced for more cc (sad face b/c i loved being a tactical insta-killer)

    As I get to 20 i think i'll have enough feats to have all 4 feats (2 in necro 2 in enchant)

    BUT i've also recently respecced for crits and whatnot.. Took out some humbug enhancemnets that i never took advantage of.

    Right now i've got:
    40% fire/cold damage (most people have)
    2.00 crit fire/cold multiplier enhancements + .5 from major ice lore (anotehr .25 to go, i've never invested in this or the crit chance)
    9% crit fire/cold chance + major ice lore 9%

    I recently got this line of crits.. Have no idea if there is better to come, and yes i now see the light in getting the 3 part glaciation set to ubertize my polar ray as well:

    Just posting some cool results i've attained in the couple hours i've had the new crit stuff!

    check out the combat log

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