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    Default How to create my own guild?

    Hello, I've been playing for some days and i would like to know how to create a guild for me and my friends. I saw something on the Store, but i dont know if its absolutely necessary nor where do i havef to take that to...
    I would apreciate some help about guild creation.

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    As a f2p player You will need to purchase a Guild Charter from the estore. Once your purchase is complete the charter will appear in your inventory. Next you will want to eat the charter (click on it to use it). After the charter has been consumed go to the social window and click on the guild tab. You will now be able to create a guild.

    Charters are a one time use item so if you want/need to create another guild you will need to buy another charter, so make sure your name is prefect and what you wanted because disbanding to rename it will cost you a charter.
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    Thank you very much Robi for your explanation ^^.

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