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    Default New player looking for heavy RP guild

    Heya. Like the title says, I'm new here. I'm a pretty big fan of RP, which is what got me into D&D (the tabletop) in the first place. I love DDO so far, but it just feels like something's missing without the role playing element.

    That explained, I would really like to find a heavy RP guild. One that promotes acting ICly in public as well as in guild and party channels. One with people in it who will join up with me, or ask me to join up with them for quests, not only to get them done, but for the storyline and the fun of acting out the whole thing. I'd prefer the guild was made up at least mostly of mature people. Not necessarily adults, but people who don't act childish. I'm not a fan of permadeath, so I would very much like a guild that doesn't enforce that. When my character dies, I want her death to be meaningful, not just because she made a few mistakes trying to reach The Gem of Whowhatsit for that random guy in the inn.

    My character will weigh heavily on my choice of guild as well. Her name is Bellin Morewit (currently spelled "Bellinn" because the original spelling was taken). She's a reckless but acrobatic halfling rogue with a penchant for greed and overlooking important things. She's not going to join a religious guild, nor is she the type to join up with evil cultists. More likely than not, she'll join one because it's advantageous. Helps her out of a tight spots, opens the doors for more work, what have you. She's fine with helping people as long as she gets paid, so if there's a guild out there based on working toward "the common good," Bellin would be fine with that.

    I'm not really concerned about the server. Obviously, the more RP the better. I am currently on Ghallanda, where I have progressed Bell to level 3, but I don't mind switching. The starter quests are pretty fun anyway.

    So what do you say, DDO? Is there a guild out there for me?

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    Default here ya go!

    Here are all the RP guilds listed in the Wikki!

    Most are on Thelanis/ Sarlona

    Good luck to you!

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    You may also want to check out Stormreach Society RP PD guild on the Cannith server. We're a light-medium roleplaying guild that also uses a light permadeath ruleset. You can read all of our rules at

    Heh, Lessah actually just joined us as well. =)

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