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    Quote Originally Posted by Drfirewater79 View Post
    That wasnt the only issue i think you didnt actually read anything you just saw the tag line and started spouting off.

    6 uber players with uber loot got destroyed in new content on normal first off and two players without uber loot finished the same mission that is the biggest screw up in DDO history.

    lvl 20 end game should be hard and i bet it will be extream on hard and elite but F2P games have to be open to both power gamers and casual players .... And as is the end content in this game is both fustrating and extreamly hard in comparison to other missions and there level scale to the scale of the party as it goes up.

    The most intelligent comment i have heared so far about this is that at lvl 20 will it still be that difficult ...well in my opinion yes on elite when missions are actually lvl 21 it will be and at lvl 20 since its the natural cap really we should be turning to elite for challenge.

    Normal is suppost to be how you learn the mission and it would be one thing if the difficulty was labyrinth navigation or puzzle solving but throwing a horde of mobs all at much higher difficulty and with no choice but to have evasion to survive or even acid fogs doing 60+ damage on top of 30 resistance i had on which goes well beyond what we can do with items and max emp. They are editing spells to suit there needs and not giving us the same advantages then its cheating .... DDO is based on DnD rules which means both DM and Players have rules they are suppost to follow ....

    ...Wait before you say it DM = GOD ya right but if my DM went so far off the rule book for the sole reason being to kill the party then .. the game would be over and they wouldn't be asked to DM us again.

    PC doesnt mean you should live forever but it does mean you should have a chance its not like i am going into a lvl 19 mission with a bunch of lvl 15's and getting wiped and comeing here to ***** about it .... its a full group of lvl 17's with good loot and strong tactial thinking going slow and really not getting lost in any of it either. It was simply tuned up to high and mobs where doing damage you'd expect from hard or elite on normal.
    You are right you have a right to complain.. but I think you do it just to complain.

    A DM is not relevant in this game... it is an MMO first and fore most. A DM in his right mind does not design an adventure to run over and over and over again like they would in an MMO. If that was the case it would get boring as a PnP adventure.

    In an MMO adventures/quests are designed for multiple runs at them and so saying your poor analogy does not apply here. A PC does not live forever in any PnP game nor should they here in this game as an MMO.

    Level 17's going in to a level 19 adventure should have a difficult time in both an MMO AND in PnP. Regardless of the amount of stuff they have an items. If they take their time and are very cautious then they have a chance... but still it is a chance and not guaranteed, if it was then you should not be playing this game.

    But to be honest... My group that I regularly run with have yet to have a problem with any of the new quests at lvl 17. We almost wiped on norm in Genesis and it was a blast. It took us a couple of hours but we survived and kept going. We have ran a few of them now 3-4 and one or two on hard with 4 people and 6 on hard. Me and the cleric do not have stellar items except for maybe the armor we are wearing (and I do not have the sovereign rune on mine yet). So your complaints are without merit with my group at least.

    There is no DM in this game that changes the rules.. they are called developers. the main thing in any PnP game is consistency.. If the DM decides to change the rules it is up to him/her to do so and then remain consistent about it. DM's are allowed to do so though. The group might not like it and they have a choice then as do we all as players in this game. We can leave.
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    Here, let me try to be more specific.

    The game is suppose to be a challenge, at the current level you are at, with the current equipment you have.

    I've seen lots of people say they didn't have a problem.

    So you got wiped, so your tactics and gear out was incorrect.

    At least you don't loose a permanent CON point per resurrect any more
    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    Hireling: "Oh god, you're in trouble!" *heal fail* "Oh god, you're still in trouble!!" *heal fail* "Nooooo I will save you!!!" *heal fail* etc. but to the player, it just looked like the hireling was standing there staring off into space. He's not staring...he's thinking...REALLY hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderGulch View Post
    HAH! the Sphere of Anihalation(sp?) Love that module!
    I lost my best character to that stupid thing.
    /reroll my fighter that had 18/76 strength! I wasn't a happy camper.

    /hijack off
    You played a 1rst lvl character in the Tomb of Horrors ? Man I loved that module, ahh the memories!!! Castle Greyhawk with the Star Trek crew was cool too. The Elf as Spock, the skeleton as "Bones"... and can't forget the movie set with Mordenkanian

    To bad those memories are gone with the implementation of 4th edition. Thank the gods for Pathfinder and Paizo!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drfirewater79 View Post
    its only doable in groups with 3-4 people and that is the problem its not do-able with 6 and that is the problem.
    Tuesday we went through the new quests with 6 people on Normal AND Hard and STILL made it through so it is NOT just doable with 3-4 people
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drfirewater79 View Post
    Instead of keeping mission difficulties the same and lowering them for scale to party size they upped the difficulty on most of the missions to make up for the fact that they where too lazy to make a decent sized update in a years worth of waiting.
    There's a thread floating around about the Dungeon Scaling having an error. Apparently a full party scales the difficulty above of what its supposed to. The claim is that a full party increases Mob's dmg while getting the difficulty somewhere in between hard and elite.

    if it's too hard just kick everyone and run it solo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus2011 View Post
    Eight year old thread.

    Try starting a new one, genius.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drfirewater79 View Post
    chase away more people why dont ya ... at this point i kinda hope atari wins in court
    Wow, I'm old.

    Also bored at work, don't judge.
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