Do you want to have Amazing Friends? If so, I would suggest that <And Their Amazing Friends> might be the guild for you!

In all seriousness though, we are recruiting. We aren't from another server in particular, although the folks in the guild at the moment have all come to play on Cannith from other servers. What we're about (besides being Amazing):

  • Mature, friendly atmosphere
  • Questing and playing together
  • Working on favor for now to unlock 32-pointers
  • Enjoying the game ... especially since we have a virgin server that's not yet spoiled by plat sellers and the like

So far we're pretty small and I doubt we'll ever grow to be huge or anything. We value being friendly and mature more than being l33t by far. We have some raid experience (although by no means a tremendous amount, look at my join date) ... and as we level and cap toons we'll do the raids and have fun there as well.

If interested, contact one of the following in game : Novah, Harm, Hero