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    Default Returning Player & Beta Player FAQ!

    Welcome back returning players and beta players! Here are some frequently asked questions regarding DDO Unlimited:

    Returning Players

    Are you a returning DDO player? Did you have a DDO Stormreach version of the game, but you're no longer paying your monthly subscription? No matter what way you decide to enjoy your return to DDO, here are some common questions and answers for you!

    Q: I still have my original Stormreach game client on my computer. Do I need to download a new game client?

    If you still have the Stormreach version of the game, you can launch the game and it will automatically patch up to DDO Unlimited.

    Q: What is a VIP? Am I a VIP?

    Anyone with an active monthly subscription is now known as a "VIP". You don't have to pay a subscription to enjoy DDO though, anyone can still download and play the game for free! Being a VIP however entitles you to extra benefits such as access to all the quests, priority in the login queues, and more! To learn about all the things you get as a VIP compared against playing for free, click here!

    Q: I have more characters than I have character slots, do I lose those extra characters?

    For VIPs (if your subscription is active, that's you!) you have 10 character slots available. If you have more than 10 characters, you can still play those excess characters. However, if you want to make a brand new character in addition to your 10+ characters, you'll need to unlock enough character slots for both your excess characters and your brand new character before you'll be able to create the new character. Character slots can be unlocked with Turbine Points in the DDO Store!

    If you're playing as a free or premium player, you will need to select which characters you would like to occupy your available character slots (2 slots for free players, 4 slots for premium players). You'll need to unlock more character slots before you'll be able to play the excess characters, but the characters will be waiting for you with all their gear etc until you're ready to unlock more slots for them!

    Remember that any slots you unlock stack with your account status! So if you use Turbine Points to unlock a slot, whether you downgrade or upgrade between VIP and free, you still get to keep any slots you've purchased with Turbine Points!

    Q: I had a Warforged and/or Monk character when I was subscribing, but I'm no longer a subscriber. Can I still play these characters?

    Remember that some races and classes are only available in the DDO Store (or to active VIPs). This includes Warforged and Monk. If you're no longer a subscriber, you'll need to use Turbine Points to gain access to these special races and classes. Once you've purchased access to these special races/classes in the DDO Store, you'll be able to play any of your pre-existing characters that are warforged and/or monk. You'll also then be able to make any new characters of that race/class too if you have extra character slots! Remember, this also affects multi-class characters!

    If you've unlocked a race or class that can be earned using the Favor system, you will also be able to play characters of that race/class on your server. Remember that favor unlocks are per server, but if you purchase it in the DDO Store it's automatically unlocked for you across all servers at once if you'd like to play one of these special races/classes on more than one server!

    Here is a break down of the current races and classes in DDO:

    Q: How do I become a "free" player if I used to be a subscriber?

    If your subscription is inactive, there's no extra steps needed - you're already automatically a free player! If you'd like to play DDO for free rather than reactivate your old subscription, all you need to do is patch up your game client and login with your original user information. If you don't have your game client anymore, you can download it for free by clicking here! Once it's finished downloading, just use your original username and password, and you're all set! If you've forgotten the password to your old account, you can visit for further assistance!

    Q: What's changed since I last played DDO?

    Depending on when you last logged in, you may experience significant changes from the days of Stormreach DDO in DDO Unlimited! It's a good idea to read through some of the release notes in the DDO Compendium that have been published over time to see all the changes since your last visit to the game. Here's a highlight of some fun changes though!
    • The game client is now free! No more boxes to buy, and no subscription needed! Just download the client and you're ready to play the game!
    • If you're installing the game from scratch, instead of waiting for the entire game to download first, you can now use the Turbine Download Manager. The full game downloads in the background while you make characters and play the tutorials!
    • There's a new tutorial for players that takes place on Korthos Island instead of Smuggler's Rest (no more red wizard's stones)! If you haven't tried it yet, check it out!
    • Chat is now across instances, and you can even use general chat with the public zones while you're in quests!
    • There are more features to help with soloing and small-party questing!
      • Many more quests feature a solo-instance mode
      • Dungeons now scale their challenge based on the make-up of the party
      • Hirelings are available in game. These NPCs will quest with you to help you when you're short on party members!

    These are just some of the great changes you'll encounter in the game, so feel free to explore and discover them all!

    Q: What is the DDO Store and do I have to get Turbine Points to play?

    You don't have to use the DDO Store nor purchase Turbine Points to play DDO. For other common DDO Store questions, visit our DDO Store FAQ!

    Lamannia Beta Players

    Did you participate in the Lamannia beta? Here are some common questions and answers for you!

    Q: Do I need to download another version of the game client? I still have my Lamannia game client from beta

    You'll need to download the live version of the DDO Unlimited game client. Your Lamannia install is not compatible with the live servers. To download the live DDO Unlimited client, click here! You'll use the same username and password that you logged into Lamannia with to log into the live servers!

    Q: When I try to log into the live servers, it gives me two choices of account to login. Which one should I use?

    It is possible that you may have accidentally created a second login when you participated in the beta (this is common among VIPs who setup their beta using a "free player" key instead of a "VIP" key). You can technically log in with either account, but most players will want to log in and play on the account where their existing characters were if they have them.

    Players with characters from DDO Stormreach will find their Stormreach characters waiting for them. Brand new players from beta who never had a Stormreach account will need to create new characters.

    You also may find that Turbine Points from beta are associated with the other account still. You may leave the points on that account and enjoy purchases for that second account if you want. If you would rather have the points on your primary account however, please contact the account support team and they will close the beta account for you and transfer the Turbine Points to your primary account. Please note that you will lose access to the beta account so make sure you've decided on where to keep your Turbine Points before contacting the account support team!

    Q: Do my old characters transfer from Lamannia?

    Characters created on beta do not transfer from the beta servers to the live worlds. You'll need to create new characters unless you had pre-existing DDO Stormreach characters on the live servers.

    Q: Do my Turbine Points from beta transfer?

    Only Turbine Points purchased with real money on the beta server will be transferred to your live account.
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