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    Default Direct 3D Error [RESOLVED]

    I have an ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series card with the latest drivers. That's a graphics card, right? I am horrible with identifying hardware. I also have three gigabytes of RAM if that matters. Anyway, I downloaded the high-resolution client because I am an idiot, and I don't know any better. Servers are up, and I logged in just fine. When I went to open up Thelanis, I encountered an error. I tried again on Khyber and Sarlona with the same results.

    "Could not initialize Direct 3D. Please ensure that DirectX 9.0c [Dec 2005] or higher is installed. [105]"

    Because I fail at computers, I must assume that this error was caused because of either my graphics card, a bad choice of resolution download, or possibly something else entirely. I am currently in the process of downloading the standard resolution one just in case that is the issue. Some clarification would be awesome, because I am totally ready to get in there and slay some sahuagin!
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    Could be drivers, post your dxdiag when you get a chance (steps how in the "how to get help" link in my signature).

    Most likely your getting a directX error similar to "Direct3d support not found.." it may be your graphics cards drivers need to be reinstalled, that's usually the cause of this one, but sometimes it is a DirectX issue itself, make sure DX is updated fully via the options here.

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    Hey, Mirthgar. Thank you for the quick help! I updated my DirectX and now it's working like a charm. Keep up the good work, and have a great day!

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    This post maybe a little outdated, but i thought it would be nice to come here and share with others what i did to solve my error problem. I've tried to reset display settings and renaming UserPreferences.ini and that didnt help. Instead i searched web for Direct X installation and i found this:

    "Uninstall DirectX 9

    Officially, the only way to get rid of DirectX is to either use System Restore to roll back to the time when you still did not have this version of DirectX on your system, or to reinstall your system. Many third party uninstallers are also available but most of them are buggy and cannot be recommended without proper testing. Using one of these may cause you to end up with more problems. So, the best way to get rid of DirectX is to remove it manually.

    To do this, open the Registry Editor by running Regedit from Start > Run. Next, navigate to the following registry key.


    Here, delete the DirectX folder, exit the Registry Editor, and restart your XP computer. During the system startup, after the restart, your system will reinstall DirectX 8.1 that is originally shipped with the Windows XP operating system."

    Odly enough my Direct X remained untouched, the version stayed the same, but the error was gone.
    Now i can play the game without any problems.

    I hope that will help some of you. Good luck.

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