Brief: Low level cleric, new to DDO, looking for quest-friendly guild.

Verbose: I'm a new DDO player, though I've played a good number of other MMOs, almost always as a healer-type. I'm looking for a moderately active guild that has players of all levels. Not interested in just rushing the 'best' quests over and over for loot and levels, I want to go through and see them all (or a lot!), and hoping to find some people I can hang out with regularly instead of just whoever's LFG on any given night. That being said, I'm not exactly a casual player. I've been a very good healer in every game I've played, and tend to put in more hours than is good for me. Very rare is the night I don't show up for at least 3 hours.

At the moment Kavana is a level 3 cleric. Equipped in whatever quest/chest loot he's managed to find, since the auction house appears to presume you have a tunnel into the mint, and possibly a replicator.

If you have, or know of, a guild that might need him, please drop me a line in this thread, by PM, or by in-game mail.