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Thread: caster/monk?

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    Default caster/monk?

    A guild member asked me about a certain build last night I'm not at all familiar with, and I wanted to put this out there for some feedback.
    She wants to make a (32 pt) sorc with a few levels of monk for evasion!
    Please post your take on race, and starting stats, along with any other info you think makes a difference!

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    Contemplated the concept for my next caster....

    I was thinking an invincible WF nuker with melee capability
    14/14/14/8/12/14 stats or something...
    The extra feats are valuable for a sorc... (free toughness and/or saves)

    but there are definatly other ways to go... more info on what she wants the build to do would help.
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    A WF Sorc/Monk makes for a great nuker, especially if you only take spells that have no DC and basically dump your casting stat. The fewer spell slots and inability to swap them easily goes great with this concept.

    My only concern is how often Mord's Disjunction will strip my +6 charisma item.

    Capricious has the following:

    Stats: 12-17-10-11-14-8 (consumed a +2 Charisma tome at creation)
    All Level-Ups into Dex
    Level Progression: Sorc-Sorc-Monk-Sorc-Sorc-Sorc-Sorc-Sorc-Sorc-Monk (rest in Sorc)

    I agree with Monkey - it would help to know what role she wants to perform in a party.
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    If she wanted to be a caster with the added survivability of evasion, then Wizard/Monk is a better synergy since that build can afford to dump dex and burn a feat on Insightful Reflexes.

    Sorc get crappy ref and fort save progression, so getting that reflex save to a decent (high 20s) to actually mean something could be difficult.

    A battle-mage / spellsword type build is a whole different animal, so yea, more info would be nice.
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