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Thanks for putting the entries together Sebastian. I'll get those into our internal build. In the meantime, you monk types can add them manually as he instructed.
You're welcome and I am happy to be of assistance.

I do have a question about the data format, if you have the time. You don't have to reveal your reasoning if you don't want to. I'm just curious.

I basically copied the entry for Improved Sneak Attack to make the fix. I first attempted to input the data for them as a CLASSLIST restriction but that didn't work with the class+level requirement in NEEDSALL. I'm assuming the data parsed correctly. They simply didn't show up.

I was wondering why these feats apparently need to be based on RACELIST and have class restrictions embedded in NEEDSALL instead of like Improved Turning which is restricted through CLASSLIST. Improved SA, Vorpal Strikes and Improved MA are all class specific. Is it due to the class+level requirement?

Like I said, I'm just curious. You don't need to spend your time explaining it if you don't want to.

Thanks again for your marvelous app! I've enjoyed getting all Old School again with text-based data files. It takes me back.