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    Default A Whole Slew of Suggestions (To be updated periodically)

    Druid: It's been asked again and again, but one thing I don't see mentioned much is part of the Druid that balances it out with the other classes. The Animal Companion. I would love to see persistent Animal Companions and Familiars, that can be basically "Summoned" once per rest, that are permanent until death. With the ability to summon them both in instances AND public areas. Animal Companion/Familiar customization would be welcome as well.

    Prestige Enhancements (Classes Incognito):
    I would like to see more options for these Prestige Enhancements. Well, options at all really. The Assassin comes to mind as an example with things like Invisibility, Hide in Plain Sight, and such.

    Kobolds!: Sure, people want to play Half Orcs, but I want to play a Kobold! There are certainly plenty of them running around in Stormreach, but I honestly can't recall ever seeing a Half Orc. As for Half-Elves... i think you'd have to pay ME Turbine Points to get me to play a Half-Elf =) ...and where the heck are all of the Gnomes?!

    Scythe, anyone? That's an old standby. I can see foregoing Katanas (fancy name for a bastard sword, D&D rule wise). But Scythes?

    Also, GLARING GLARING HUGE problem with Shuriken. It's exotic for a reason, and that reason is NOT because it is the absolute worst throwing weapon in existence in D&D. They can be thrown THREE at a time! That's what makes them so cool. Please make them worth anything in DDO, thanks ^^

    Club: Can clubs get their own space, separate from Scepters in the Auction House please?

    [User Interface]
    Voice Chat: It's finally surfacing on the forums, but I will say it again here. Every voice chat I have ever used (except DDOs) has an option for adjusting the volume of another player/user. This is essential, really. we at DDO have had to suffer in neglect for ages...

    Loot: The drop down list for giving loot to another character seems to have a flaw. On numerous occasions people give an item to the wrong person accidentally. I have done this myself, and I know that I was making a pretty good effort to select the correct person. Maybe all that it would take is a little spacing between the names?

    Diseased: Like the Cursed condition, and the Poisoned condition, the Diseased condition needs VFX so that everyone knows the character is Diseased.

    Map: The map in indoor areas (where outdoor areas also exist) is utterly useless. I am perplexed as to why this has never been fixed. It needs to be fixed badly.

    Mob Positioning: At some point in the last two years, something changed. These days, when attacking mobs, you must actually attack a full body length in front of the mob to hit it, if it is moving (this is the mobs actual location). However, client side it still shows the mob as behind it's true location, and when chasing mobs from behind it is almost impossible to hit, because on your end, you are bumping into the back of the mob, but on the server's end, the mob is out of range of your melee weapon. This is actually quite a severe issue. Knowing the precise location of your enemy is very crucial when it comes to attacking them in a game with such a free form battle format. Basically, what it boils down to is that all mobs effectively have a 'real' displacement spell on them while moving.

    Outfits: We really only have ONE outfit, and most of the time, it looks pretty lame. What about all off these NPC outfits? Why do they get all the goods ones, and all of the sexy ones? (Do I need to go grab some screenshots =) ? )

    Appearance: Most of the time, when I find or buy that really nice set of armor that I really really need, it's UGLY AS SIN (the ugly kinds of sins). Could we perhaps get some kind game mechanic for altering the appearance of our armor/robes/outfits? That would be grand.

    Dragon Touched Armor: Could we get a little variation please? Seeing everyone in the same set of ugly light blue pajamas is kind of bland... (maybe each enchantment could offer it's own style and color variables?). By the way, I believe that the system for creating Dragon Touched armor is 100,000 times better than that for creating Green Steel items (even if it is random) and I congratulate the design, and it comes with the additional bonus of being able to be changed as our needs change =)


    Air Elementals: Knockdown. Double-U, Tee, Eff. The knockdown rate on the Air Elementals needs to be kept under control, no more than once every 15 seconds per elemental, or something! The way it is now, is just plain ridiculous. Either that, or let us summon them!

    Defenders: The construct dogs, specifically the ones that spew Grease as a breath weapon are not scripted to spew the grease in front of them (which would make sense) but instead are scripted to place the grease directly underneath their target, even if the target is 100 feet away and behind a barrier. This needs to be fixed.

    Altars, Crystals, and other breakable objects that pertain to completing quest goals should be treated as what they are, breakables, not creatures. There is no reason why the quest "Redemption," for example, should be impossible to get a 'no creatures killed' bonus on. When I checked my Experience Report it said I killed 3 creatures. I was baffled until I realized it meant the crystals. Silliness I say.

    Rubber-banding: This is ridiculous, here is why. 1. It does not inactivate the monster (they are still "aggro'd"). 2. It does not help with lag issues (see number 1). 3. It only promotes the zerging style of play (that Turbine seems so adamant about getting rid of). 3. It always happens at the most annoying of times (right as the mob is about to die). 4. It completely and utterly breaks immersion (this is important, isn't it?).

    Invisibility: In addition to fixing the monster AI so that A: It pretends a little harder that it doesn't know exactly where you are when you are invisible (Spellcasters targeting with spells? You should be untargetable! Archers hitting dead on the mark?) and so that B: Going into sneak mode, while invisible does not cause Melees to suddenly charge you, as if you were not invisible at all... It should give you Full Concealment!!! "If you have line of effect to a target but not line of sight he is considered to have total concealment from you. You can’t attack an opponent that has total concealment, though you can attack into a square that you think he occupies. A successful attack into a square occupied by an enemy with total concealment has a 50% miss chance"

    "Although invisibility provides total concealment, sighted opponents may still make Spot checks to notice the location of an invisible character. An invisible character gains a +20 bonus on Hide checks if moving, or a +40 bonus on Hide checks when not moving (even though opponents can’t see you, they might be able to figure out where you are from other visual clues). "
    "Actions directed at unattended objects do not break the spell. Causing harm indirectly is not an attack. Thus, an invisible being can
    open doors,talk, eat, climb stairs, summon monsters and have them attack, cut the ropes holding a rope bridge while enemies are on the bridge, remotely trigger traps, open a portcullis to release attack dogs, and so forth."
    (Thank you SRD).

    Bags: Please script the Ingredient Bags, and Collectible Bags in such a way that the items inside can be used without first taking them OUT of the bags (kind of like selling gems).

    Quivers: It is fairly annoying (sometimes deadly) at lower levels to have to open your inventory and swap quivers to 'reload.' I believe an effective fix for this would be to cause quivers to equip when used in the hotbar, rather than open.

    Weapons: The visual effects on some the weapons is excessive. As can be seen by the Skiver weapon, all that is needed is the coat of pure awesome over the blade. The cotton candy effects make the weapon look...well, not nearly as cool.

    [Auction House]
    Search Function: Missing. The ability to search the auction house by keyword and possibly price range would be very welcome.

    Listing: When arranging items by name, level, time, or price, the page that the item is on should not matter. This would be a welcome change as well.

    Improved Critical: The Improved Critical feats should note in their descriptions that 1. Piercing does not include ranged or thrown weapons. 2. Ranged does not include thrown weapons.

    Feedback: You are reading these, I hope =)
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