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There's a new Xp reward system as of U11: the bravery system.
In short you get bonus xp when all the following conditions are met:
-it's your first time doing the quest
-you do quest on hard or elite
-everyone in the group is at or lower than base quest level+2

What this means is that if you put a LFM for an harbor quest on elite (generally L2 quest) having a single L5 in the party can mean losing up to 70% xp bonus...
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That is not really true now ether. you when you raise the difficulty to elite the quest would now be a L4 and a L5 player would have no effect on other party members EXP because the EXP is not Effected until someone is 2 levels above the quest so that would happen in this case if someone was L6 on that quest.
What Barhai is referring to is the loss of the bravery bonus xp. If the quest on elite is level 5 and a level 5 and lower group enters, you gain a bravery streak for completing it at and below level. As soon as a level 6 steps in, even for just a second; you lose that bonus, but no other xp penalties.

Although you do indeed lose an additional 10% xp if someone is 2 levels above the elite level.