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    Talking about ads, I suggest you to check these guys out. They're awesome., #1 source for DDO information.

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    google and or yahoo -- high exposure
    guild portal -- or whoever is big on that sort of thing now.
    youtube -- high exposure

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    lots of great suggestions mentioned already.

    One I didn't see was ... now that DDO: EU is FtP, many of those players can get sucked into DDO the way they got sucked into Runescape. It will be like an upgrade (for them).
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    on the banner you could say something like "we're not going down without a fight!"...."free to play* ddo"

    ok that was a bad joke....

    maybe yes...i bought one of their printers becasue the ink was cheaper make a banner ad here for the people who are looking to buy new games...if they would post it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claver View Post
    A number of people have mentioned Wizards of the Coast as a good website for advertising. The thing to remember is that WOTC has a number of games in addition to Dungeons and Dragons – one of their most popular being a fantasy card game called Magic the Gathering. Turbine would be well served to try to generate some interest in DDO among the relatively large Magic the Gathering gaming population in addition to those already playing PnP D&D.

    Magic can be a social game. Those playing in tournaments interact with scores of people who talk about common interests – sports, movies, world of warcraft. Why not add DDO to the list for some word of mouth advertising?

    Although I am no longer an active Magic player I still frequent a website devoted to rumors of the new cards and mechanics appearing in future sets called:
    About every 4 months Wizards of the Coasts releases a new set of Magic cards. In the month proceeding a new release has over a thousand hits a day. Turbine could stretch its advertising dollar by only paying for banners on the months prior to a new release. This is a fan based website so I’m guessing the costs wouldn’t be exorbitant.

    I also recommend , and notice Turbine already advertise LOTRO there. In fact, LOTRO and Evony are about the only ads i see there (that stupid evony game has ads EVERYWHERE)

    A few others:

    1) If they take ads, and if your contracts with WotC allow it, . This site has a large fanbase for its redoing of 3.5 rules (the Pathfinder rules set, referred to by fans as V3.75).

    2) Various WoW fansites, particularly ones aimed at non-hardcore WoW players, such as . Particularly now, when due to the current time in expansion release cycles for WoW, many players have little to do (e.g. they've grown bored of Ulduar, WoW's current endgame raid's "normal mode" and aren't good enough to even come close to beating its "hard modes" which are sort of like DDO's Elite mode). Once their patch 3.2 launches, however, this opportunity will be gone for quite a while. You could also try, or
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    LOL I thought it ment were were going to have banner ads onscreen while playing .
    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    *pokes the patch with a stick* get out there you,
    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    We were pretty up front that the twf update was going to be a nerf regardless of lag or not.
    Quote Originally Posted by MadFloyd View Post
    Um, I'm almost afraid to ask, but exactly just what is 'sneak humping'?

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    I saw a Google add for DDO:EU the other day on this site. It's not there all the time though?

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