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    Default Can you have Tempest and Kensai II with Mod 9

    My 6/6/2 Rgr/Ftr/Rog has hit the tipping point. Will it be 12 ftr and 12 rgr?

    The question is (and I'm sure it's been asked before but couldn'f find a definative answer):

    Can you have both the Tempest and Kensai prestige lines at the same time???

    In the compendium under Kensai it says: You may possess only one prestige enhancement line at a time for each class.

    Class is obviously the key word and this makes me thing there is no issue with having a prestige enhancement from multiclass builds. I just want to be sure and I know the forum peeps know this answer definitively.
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    Yes, you can hanve 2 different PrEs aslong as they are from different classes.
    Go 12 fighter, its much more beneficial.
    Kensai and better haste boost > 3 FE damage.
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