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    Question Looking for stats for intim pally rouge plz help

    Need starting stats on a 28 point build still but can get tomes. I would perfer to have it as a halfling.So what would be the stats and should i start as pally or rouge?

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    Halflings get a -4 penalty to Intimidate.

    So if you want to play an Intimidator-Character Halfling is not exactly the best race (its the worst) for your kind of build.
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    Interesting build concept. I'd probably go for a Pally 18 / Rogue 2 split. Make sure to take Rogue at 1st level for mad skill points. In regards to intimidate, I think you'd be fine going Halfling. You do have the -4 intimidate penalty, however your intimidate should be high enough for a lot of trash mobs. For big boss mobs you will have the increased hate and exhalted smite from the Defender of Siberys enhancements to grab aggro. You want a 24 final dex for your best max dex bonus in dragontouched leather.

    Str: 12 (6 points) + 6 item + 5 level up + 1 tome = 24
    Dex: 16 (6 points) + 6 item + 2 halfling (or +1 tome + 1 halfling) = 24 (bonus of DT Leather)
    Con: 14 (6 points) + 6 item = 20
    Int: 12 (4 points) + 1 tome = 13 (for requirement)
    Wis: 8 (0 points) + 6 item = 14
    Char: 14 (6 points) + 6 item + 2 pally = 22

    More tomes are helpful, but I prefer to only count on ones you can easily acquire (i.e. +1) or that you already have.

    Feats to Consider - Defensive:
    Toughness (highly recommend)
    Combat Expertize (highly recommend)
    Tower Shield
    Shield Mastery
    Improved Shield Mastery
    Force of Personality
    Halfling Dragonmarks

    Feats to Consider - Offensive:
    Improved Crit (highly recommend)
    Stunning Blow

    Lots of points into intimidate and UMD. Some other points into jump, balance and enough into tumble so you can tumble.
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    Thx for the help hopefully it works out well

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    i'd forget the tower shield fop and improved shield mastery

    imp crit
    shield mastery
    combat expertise
    khopesh since your abit lower on str might aswell get all the bang you can out of your smites.
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