After centuries of battle against the quori and their living constructs alongside their rivals and sometime allies the Cul’sir, the Sul’at’s titan overlords were forced to resort to a desperate gambit to prevent all of Xen’drik from falling before the power of Dal Quor. The Sul’at corrupted the dragons’ gift of arcane magic with foul blood rites and brutal sacrifices of their elven slaves and other giants. They returned to the oasis in the Menechtarun Desert where Ouralon had first instructed the titans in the ways of arcane power and constructed a perverse sacrificial altar atop the white ziggurat where the dragons had first made themselves known to the giants of Xen’drik. This altar, the Altar of Blood, soon ran crimson with gallons of blood from the Sul’at’s sacrifices. The oasis paradise where the giants had celebrated their friendship with the dragons was transformed into the horrific Oasis of Blood as the Sul’at embraced the dark power granted by blood magic. The majestic marble statues now wept crimson tears and the once-clear pools of healing waters clouded with dark red blood. The white ziggurat still stood, a sand-scoured testament to the broken bond between giant and dragon, but the dark power of blood magic that tainted its altar drew undead denizens and evil spirits like moths to a flame. The giants had tapped these dread powers far beyond their ability to control to forge and empower an incredibly powerful eldritch machine called the Moon Breaker. The Moon Breaker’s baleful power did succeed at driving the quori off of Eberron but nearly took all of Xen’drik with them. The eldritch machine’s activation destroyed Crya, the thirteenth moon of Eberron, and in the process severed the planar gate between the world and Dal Quor just as the Sul’at titans’ arcane loremasters had foreseen. As the moon disintegrated, the result was a planetary cataclysm that shook Xen’drik to its core and plunged large chunks of that continent beneath the sea. Mountains collapsed and gaping wounds the size of entire cities were rent open in the earth. The sun’s light was blotted out for a decade as portions of the shattered moon rained down from the sky for years, spreading the unspeakable devastation across the world. The physical connection between Eberron and Dal Quor was severed, perhaps forever.

The white ziggurat.... I wonder what's there now.