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    Post Idea: My Raid Idea

    With being bored I decide I would come up with a raid idea that would use the whole party to complete. Wanted something between level 8 to 12 for the raid.

    Story - Stop the cultist of Orlassk from using the Cannith technology to give them the power to make Xoriat coterminous.
    Must go through plane of xoriat to get entry to the protected facility and disable the machine powering their scheme.

    Portal Room

    Npc seeks to teleport the PCs to Xoriat to stop an evil scheme. Talking to the Npc send them to the xoriat realm.

    Xoriat Realm

    Objective: Align the Portal

    1. A Simple Stone Room

    Floor falls away into the maw of xoriat.
    Pedestal pillar jutt from the pit below and can be used to transverse down the pit.
    Two pedestals must be stood on at same time to trigger the door to open. It also opens a gate at the bottom of pit to a resurrection shrine
    The Pit Bottom is filled with Spears.

    2.The Gallery
    Long hall with dirt with a hanging cage with a Thraask hound is in the middle.
    A path of pillars leads from one side of the room to the other. Every So often a pillar has a rune.
    Touching dirt spawns xoriat skeletons..
    5 runes must be touched on to open door.
    A incorrect rune triggers an air jet causing players to fall to sides where the cursed dirt is located.

    3.Gate Room

    DM Text: Another Puzzle! They do wish to drive you mad.

    Puzzle Room is a slanted room with some pillars covered with spears
    Puzzle Tiles are used to close three portals and align a new portal.
    A xoriat orb is active per portal.
    The Portal that needs aligning, respawn 2 thraask hound every 10 mins
    Cages in two corners allow you to access parts of puzzle that can stop the special Air Elementals (Wnds Of Xoriat) from spawning.

    New Monster:
    Wind Of Xoriat (orange Named)
    Air Elemental, immune to fire and lightning

    Red NamedThrask Hound "Hound Of Madness", (Can be freed using puzzle if both air elemental runes are lit.)
    Drops a key upon death
    Locked Chest (level 10 chest) is located in room the hound came from.

    Next Instance

    Objective Disable The Machine

    4. Factory Floor

    Dm Text: You enter the bustling factory behind enemy lines.

    Large room with pipes and twin staircases leading to rest shrine room and the starting point of where the players appear.
    On the factory floor is a large contraption where the pipes connect to.
    Warforged guard the floors.
    Two Hallways lead away from the factory floor.

    Power Lever in front of machine must be hit to open inner hall doors

    After Hitting Power Lever
    Dm Text: You really think it would be this simple?

    Objective: Disable Coolant System
    Objective: Disable System Protection

    5. Entrance Hall

    This hall leads to the true entrance of the factory approaching the blue barrier triggers the two iron golems to attack the party.

    Optional: Defeat Entrance Guards

    6. Inner Hall

    The hall contains crates and guarding warforged. At the end of hall branches in two directions. A single rune trigger which door opens and closes the other.

    Dm Text: It will take two teams to disable the nefarious machine.

    Route 1: (Coolant Systems)

    7. Left Hall (Furnace Room)

    Dm Text: This Is the Furnace Room where they bind Fire Elementals to power the Machine

    hall descends down a staircase to furnace chamber
    This room contains a two furnaces, fire sprays from between them.
    A book on a pedestal is located at one end of the room.
    Behind the furnaces is a room with hatch doors. A Lever opens the hatch doors. A simple wooden chest is also located in the room. Small Chest contains only Coal.

    Warforged and Xoriat Acolytes guard the room

    Reading the book of Summoning:
    Optional: Kill Pyresoul
    Red Named Fire Elemental
    Coal, 80-125~ Gold, % chance of Shard of Flame

    Magic Item:
    Shard of Flame
    +1 Flaming Returning Throwing Dagger, 1 charge Fireball clicky

    8.Coolant Tunnels

    Dm Text: The Coolant Tunnels

    Water tunnels, where switch must be hit well going down the tunnel.

    1st Section:
    1 Ranged lever before falling into a drop down that has a gate separating it from the next section.
    If lever not hit, you given two options:

    Option 1: Rogue Can disarm Fan in left wall to bypass this section and get into section 4: This pipe has Grey Ooze in some sections.
    Option 2: Take side tunnel that ends in a pipe room.which leads back before the 1st Switch. Pipes have acid sprays.

    2nd Section

    Water Tunnel slopes down till it turns left. At this turn, 6 grey oozes fall from pipe above to follow the players down the tunnel. Two levers above the next section gate has to be hit.

    This can be bypassed by going through a pipe that has acid sprays and leads into section 3. Grey ooze also in the pipe. There is valves that turn off sections of acid spray to make it easier for others to follow.

    3rd section

    The main tunnel joins into another section of tunnel sloping down to the left. Going right up the tunnel leads to dead end gate where the optional bypass of section 2 exits just before.

    4th Section.

    Sloping tunnel ends with a drop down where 6 sahguain+ sahguain captain ambush the party.
    Another gate blocks it off from the next section. A single pipe leads to the bypass.

    9.Final Bypass

    Room contains a zagging pipe across a pit of Black Pudding. Sahguain are ranging from the other side.
    Players must get pass timed air jets to reach other side. A valve on other side shuts off the jets. A lever on other side opens pipe leading to last section.

    10.Fifth Section.

    This tunnel of water have gates on the left and right. But straight across is a metal door leading to security center.
    Plaque on Side Reads Security Center.

    11. Security Center

    Optional: Kill Beholder
    Optional: Kill Sahugain Lord.

    Large Room Separated With Blue force barriers. A inactive teleporter is at the start of Maze.
    Levers are located on pillar for each section, hitting lever opens different sections well bringing up barriers in others.Players must hit levers to wind themselves through the barrier maze.

    Some Sections have Sahugain ambushes or giant grey ooze.amubush
    A beholder is also in the maze.

    At the end wall of security center is the Sahugain Lord who is activated once talked to. A horde of
    Sahugain guards pop from the water to assist the Sahugain Lord. Sahugain Lord can be intimidated to open the door to next section instead of fighting him.
    Teleporter can be activated so can go to either side of maze.

    12; Last Hall (left side)
    Small hall leads to the treasure room. A lever to open the door and a power lever to deactivate the coolant system is in the hall.
    Completes coolant objective.
    DM Text: With The Coolant Systems Down It has to rely on backup systems.

    Route 2 (System Protection)

    13: Observatory

    This room is separated by a barrier. On the side of the players is a easy power puzzle, on other side is a canister within a barrier.
    With Power leading into this area you can do the power puzzle to open next section.
    Guarding Warforged protect the area.
    Once power puzzle complete the door opens to room 14. 4 small iron defenders and 2 giant iron defenders pour into the room.

    14. Switch Room

    A single switch sit against the wall. A plaque says Do Not Touch.

    Dm Text: Do Not Touch It Reads. Then why would they make such a Lever?

    Lever makes barrier go down and the smaller barrier goes down, canister opening releasing a Ooze that causes that floor to all collapse.

    15: Behind Barrier Section
    When Enter Section:

    Dm Text: With The Barriers Down the unknown sample eats away the floor.

    MegaMuck: Purple Named Ooze
    -Complete invulnerability
    Ooze must be guided down the pit.

    Objective: Reach System Protection Center

    Pit now contains the ooze. A broken off ladder is across the pit leads to a room with branching corridors.
    The 3 corridors all lead to the lever needed to break the floor back in the pit. But each corridor contains random traps.
    Warforged are located in last lever room.
    When Lever is Hit Floor back in Pit collapses

    Dm Text: (Listen)With The Lever Hit You Hear Crumbling Stones Back At The Pit

    The Pit is deeper now and pipes are along the sides. 6 valves must be hit at the floor of the pit to cause the floor to crack again. Meanwhile player has to keep the ooze away from person hitting switches, as well as killing the randomly dropped arcane and grey ooze from pipes ahead.

    When all 6 levers are hit.
    Dm Text: With the pipes being cut off causes the floor to break away.

    Next part of pit has a blocked off drain and a ladder to a Control room, a lever opens the door.

    16: Control Room

    Dm Text: To Get Access to the Control Room must power the sigils in this weird room.

    The Large room has two slopping stairs, one is to the door to pit where players enter the other leads to blocked section of the control room.
    The rest of the room contains pillars covered in spears, and 6 randomly located sigils of various sizes. A single plain pillar with a switch is located in middle.
    Hitting the center switch unlocks the sigils and closes the door back at the pit. Also summons the Guardian Air Elemental.
    Red Named Wind Of Xoriat
    Finishing sigil puzzle also kills elemental

    17: Last Hall (Right side)

    This room has a power lever and a lever to access the treasure Room.

    Hitting power lever takes completes objective of disabling System Protection, also makes the Ooze disappear in the pit, assuming it went down the blocked drain.

    Dm Text: Disabling The System Protection now leaves the Machine Open to Harm. Now Where did that Ooze get to?

    18: Treasure room

    This Room contains a rest and resurrection Shrine. A blue barrier is up.

    When both Last Hall switches Are Hit

    DM Text: With The Last Switch Hit Everything goes Black. The Machine has been Disabled.

    Completes This Part Of Quest

    The Barrier goes down, and room is darken with only light orbs giving light over the gold piles.
    An Elevator is located across the room, it leads to next part of Raid.

    Raid Boss Room

    Dm Text: A large cavern glittering with boundless gold lies before you.
    A Grotesque statue behind a barrier glows with Eerie light.
    Your efforts are in vain, once I dealt with you i will finish my key.- echoes a voice from the cavern

    A Large Cavern filled with gold piles. Stone pillars line the room, and sigils are located throughout the room with symbols above them. At the other end is lever which when used shows what 5 symbols must be hit. Above the lever is a room with a barrier with a Stone dragon idol Statue behind it which is their power key to open a permanent gate to xoriat.

    A Red Named Mind Flayer called the Artificer is located at the switch. While The Raid Boss a medusa tries to thwart the PCs.

    Raid Boss: Medea the Medusa

    Uses Marilth Skin, With its face covered by veil and has snake hair.
    Prefers using spells and gaze attack

    Its Attacks:
    Overbear (trips)
    Sword Attack, chance to pertify
    Stone Gaze attack, Cone cause though within save versus flesh to stone (warforged Immune)

    Waves of Exhuastion
    Burning Blood
    Greater Dispel
    Lightning Bolt

    On Harder difficulty give accessed to more spells.

    Objective: Hit the 5 free MegaMuck which attacks the Statue behind it.

    Wrong Sigils can have adverse effects

    Mass Dispel Magic
    Summon 4 xoriat skeletons
    Summon 2 Giant Skeletons
    Chain Lightning

    Medusa can Only be taken down to 25% before becoming invulnerable.
    Once Megamuck destroys the statue, medusa can be killed.

    Dm Text: With The Statue Destroyed Medea's Protection by Orlassk is Removed.

    Dm Text: With the Medea killed her plan fail with her.
    Once She dies three chests appear + 1 chest for each extra difficulty.

    Raid Items Idea

    Flayed Skins - +5 handwraps, 6% Tendon Slicing, Bleed, Poison Burst (2d6 poison dmg)
    Orlassk's Reach - +5 Anarchic Burst True Chaos Shortbow, small %chance to Petrify
    Boots Of Telekensis - Exclusive Boots, +13 jump, 5 clickies Of Telekensis (Self, works only on fail Save)
    Aligning The Heavens - Trinket, Greater Law Guard, Blindness Immunity
    Muck Legacy - +5 Acid Burst Club 19-20 crit range, Smiting
    Muck Demise - +5 Glass Club Greater Ooze Bane, 19-20 crit range on Crit Slay Ooze DC 25 Fort Save or die
    Tentacle necklace - Necklace, +5 Con necklace Posion/ Diease immunity,
    Crystal Ball - Trinket (Sorc, Bard, Wizard or UMD 20 to wear), Trueseeing, +5 wisdom
    Medea's Broken Blade - +5 Shortsword, Keen, Wounding, Weakening
    Bracer of Stability - Bracers AC 7 Greater Stability
    Daelkyr Bane - +5 Byeshk HeavyPick, Greater Abberation bane, True Law, Righteousness
    Sahugain Crown- Helmet, Underwater Action, +13 Swim, merfolk blessing 1x day
    Eyes Of Madness - Goggles +10 Vertigo, +13 intimidate, chance to blind self when hit
    Humming Docent- +5 Docent, Greater Hammerblock, Sonic Guard
    Genie Lamp - Exclusive, Trinket (Umd 20), Taint of Evil, Pure Evil (adds 1d6 unholy damage to melee attacks), Monster Summoning VI (1 charge)
    Band of the Gate Keepers - Exclusive Ring 5 charges Barkskin (level 15), Required Trait: Neutral
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefro View Post
    Story - Stop the cultist of Orlassk from using the Cannith technology to give them the power to make Xoriat coterminous.
    Must go through plane of xoriat to get entry to the protected facility and disable the machine powering their scheme.
    Xoriat or Dal-Quor are obviously good places to set a new higher-end raid, because they allows the game designer total freedom to create new monster and gameplay mechanics. That should be milked as much as possible.

    However, it would probably be better if a new Xoriat quest were anchored more tightly to the game-world by starting with a descent into the underground Daelkyr lairs (which are supposed to be appropriate for L20 parties)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jefro View Post
    Tentacle necklace - Necklace, +5 Con necklace Posion/ Diease immunity
    No more +5 stats on raid items!

    In fact, here's a better version:
    Tentacle necklace: +7 con, -2 on saves vs poison/disease, and immune to poison/disease immunity

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    Sure.. make WF's neccessary in a Raid.. imagine that!!!!! LOL... I liek the idea.. too bad we couldnt all submitt ideas and have them actually appear in game.... /sigh!!!

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    This is not a high level raid, not everything has to be geared for new level 20. I was looking for mid level raid that can fun. Some of the raid gear are tweak items.

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