I just returned to DDO. I left during mod 3. I was a big wizard fan before I left. But the changes to the meta magic feats and sorcerers can now get more then a thousand extra spell points rather then a couple hundreds extra. And of course with the extra levels there is plenty of space for feats. So I have decided to jump to the sorcerer bandwagon. But I am now a n00b and I need help understanding the new spells

I understand this is a steep request. I have searched all over the place and can't find a good list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My goal is to build a well rounded list of spells for a nuker. So he/she can handle any damage resistant type and stay alive. I may be going warforged so what repair spells should and shouldn't be taken would help

What I need Is

A list of damage spells that nukers use. And if mobs can save them. An example would be

Fire wall: Perhaps the most important nuker spell. Mobs can't make reflex saves against it, and it does great DoT. Though higher level mobs tend to be highly resistant to fire.

A list of support spells that nukers use to support their damage. An example would be

Charm person: This spell is perfect when combined with diplomacy to keep mobs off you and fighting each other. Makes for great fireball opportunities.

A list of buff spells that nukers will need to stay alive No examples needed lol

Some enhancement discussion wouldn't hurt and thanks again ^^