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    Default Good tank builds?

    I would like to know if there are any good tank builds and if so please tell me what that is

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    location, location.


    Some folks denounce the merits of intimidate/AC based toons that likely have sup-par DPS. "Roll a ranger!", they shout. However, I've had a lot of fun with my Dwarf Paladin15/Ftr1 (Heavy Armor and Tower Shield). With relatively high Dex (24) and Dwarven Armor Enhancements I'm at 66 standing AC (that's with no buffs). With the new mod and Defender of Siberys (and possibly Dwarven Defender later) it'll only get better, as I'm not taking advantage of my full Dex bonus yet.

    There are plenty of ways to do it, mind you. Fighters, Monks, and Rangers are all good choices for AC. Barbarians can tank, too, but they usually HP tank (take the hits and the heals). AC Barbarians are not unheard of, however, they're just really rare. My suggestion is to be sure to plan for max ranks in intimidate if you are making a tank build. What's the point of all that AC if you can't save the party some grief with it?
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    Define "TANK":

    And the responses you get will be much more enlightening, and will hopefully let you make some good choices.
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    In expectation of upcoming mod9, I have made 2 intimitanks.

    1 is a 18ftr/2rog wf, and the other is a 15pld/3ftr/2rog dwarf. if either of these interest you, send me a PM and ill send you some build info.

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