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    As much D&D is Tolkein inspired, I beleive the Half-Orcs are actually the Uruk-hai of Middle-Earth.
    This race is ideal if you have ever wanted to play: The Loner, The Outcast, or perhaps even my favorite...The Monster.
    It is unfortunate to think that players of a very similar type of game as DDO are able to play Orcs. No Half-... Just Orcs.

    That being said let us look at a brief history of the Half-Orc. Please post additonal historical information I may have neglected.

    • Half-Orcs officially playable race first in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Great creepy pic of a skinny, greasy-haired pig-nosed Half-Orc in Player's Handbook.
    • Removed in AD&D 2.
    • Returned again to their monsterous (and muscley) stature in D&D 3.
    • Removed yet again in DDO.
    • Mentioned as a possability for DDO.
    • Removed again in D&D 4.
    • Half-Orcs appear in D&D 4, but not in the primary Player's Handbook.
    • ORCTOBER 20, 2010 Half-Orcs appear in Stormreach.

    My Half-Orc characters ranged from bottom-feeding scum-bags, to barbaric assassins and beserkers, to power-crazed Battle-Priests more eagar to bane an enemey than heal you.
    • What stories do you have about your Half-Orc characters?
    • What else do you remember about Half-Orcs?
    • Does anyone have any pics of Half-Orcs they can post?
    • Do you remember the names to the Orcish gods?

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