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    Default Meassage in a bottle

    You and your party, just freshly beaten the Cult of the Six priesthood and reduced their temples to ruins, are walking back from your journey on the shores of Sorrowdusk Isle. Your packs are heavily laden with the rich rewards and ill-gotten gains from the long-standing outpost.

    Looking for a well deserved rest and mnay hot baths, salty barmaids and tavern-wenchs.... as you approach the skiff to take you back to the floating Eye of Kol Koran, the veritable vessel awaits your favorable return, you notice a floating object in the waters.

    Wading out, your find a small clear bottle, corked tight. Inside the bottle appears to be a piece of parchment.

    you hand the bottle to your wizzard, who examines it to see if any spells may be present. With a Gem of True Sight held to his eye, your wizzard proclaims the bottle safe and hands it back to you.

    Uncorking the bottle, the parchment slids easily out of the glass. it reads:

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    To whomever finds this message, I beg of thee to listen well to the words herein, as
    the tale I am about to impart has dire consequences for those foolhardy enough to ignore these portents.

    Time is of IMPORTANCE!!!

    I start my tale as leader of a small band of adventurers, seeking old quori artifacts for profit. I am Furby, monk, my companions Roles, a Swordsage, old man Vickonis, an cleric of dubious skill and abilties. Also Spellgore, a efficent Sorcerer of local renown,
    Eldraw the light-fingered, master thief, and Ponder Stibbons, a young artificer.

    Our adventure started by crossing the great waters to the continent of Hepmonaland, where tale was told of a Forbidden City, which is believed to once known as Xuxuliento,nestled high amongest the Xaro mountian range.

    Tale was told of a crazed people who by mental complusions turned their fair city into the most devious of labrys and traps, and then the people fell victims of their own devices, haunting and patrolling the labrys, undead seeking revenge against their tormentors.

    Our information was that a shaman deep in the Forbbiden City, had uncovered a tome of knowledge regarding a Creation Forge, hidden somewhere in the icy lands of Everice!
    This shaman was seeking this Forge for unknown reasons, but ever since the Forge found and destroyed in the Foothold of Restless Isles, nobody since has heard of any such locations!

    Our band of adventurers traveled to the Forbidden City. Harsh was the path we tread, and clues was scarce. We after some time located this shaman, who we found was acting on behalf of the Blademaster. What deal could have been struck we shall never know, as with a might fight, we lowered this foul shaman by a head, but not before we lost our swordage, Roles fought valiantly but not even the efforts of our cleric Vikconis (the weak) could heal the wasting disease that brought him low. We sought to return home, weakend by our battles, determined to bring news of the newly discovered Creation Forge, and the return of the Blademaster back to the Lords of StormReach. Will he seek to start a new war?

    Alas, in this boat we travel back to Xendrick, we have come to lose all hope. Our boat has been damnaged with a battle of a Leviathan, and we cannot teleport safely back.
    Our sorceror Spellgore is trying to evoke a new spell, and time will only tell if the water fills our vessel first, or sea creatures eat us alive.

    I beg of thee to harken to my words. Convey at once this message to the Lords of Stormreach! Venture south of the Menechtarun Desert, cross the trecherous Iceflow Sea! Seek immediatly the location of a Creation Forge in the icy wastes of Everice!! Pass on what you find and ensure the Blademaster is stopped from finding the forge and creating a whole army!

    Written the day of Rampartide, month of Aryth

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