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I think I commented on this before, but the main thing I would change on this build is to pick up the maximize feat at the expense of either toughness, improved critical slash, or khopesh. Since the OP is a chaos blade fan I would get rid of toughness. Fyi you should experiment without toughness especially considering all the gear you have OP it really does not make that much of difference to this build. I think not having maximize is reflective of having another bard which is more healing specced and regularly running with alot of healers. Being able to heal, cc, dps, and buff is what really makes the level 20 human warchanter bard so special. I have maximize and quicken for that matter and it rocks.
You know how I feel about maximize and quicken, but adding them to this build simply waters it down too much. Dropping the 50ish HP for maximize without getting quicken to make it nofail when I need it is just not a good trade-off. It makes me squishier instead of more survivable when it matters most. (And if concentration checks aren't a problem, my existing healing with spells and scrolls works fine. Bard heal scrolls with mastery and human healing amp are uber). Dropping khopesh or improved critical are too much of a DPS loss to justify.

I have several other builds in my collection that use rapiers or fighter splashes to fit in quicken and maximize (for example, my wife has Fanttom of the Roq Opera, a 16 bard / 2 rog / 2 ftr that is similar to this with quicken, maximize, and evasion). Would I trade it in? At this point in the game, nope. I run Roq through epic quests every night (super close to that Marilith chain with ASF rune) and I have no regrets.

Others doing similar builds may find a lot of benefit from dropping khopesh and toughness to fit in quicken and maximize, but do your best to avoid the biggest problem with most bards: being too weak at everything. Going from 520 or 500 HP to 470 or 450 HP is a big drop, and a bigger one for a bard than some of the other classes that can afford to lose a little beef. Those little dps drops are like losing tempest.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy -- as you become less able to melee competitively, you'll spend more time overcomphensating by spending all your time healing. Not that bards can't be great healers, but those cure lights and cure moderates need a lot of help to fully keep up with classes like favored soul and cleric, even when the cleric in question is a melee, too. Roq Star caps out around 1100 SP + mysterious bauble + spell storing ring + torc, which is like an unlimited supply of displacements, hastes, rages, and buffs for the party. I do my part to help out, and I'm always there with a scroll or cure critical when needed, but I'd be a pretty crappy "healer" on this character. I like not having to hold back on the buffing.