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    Default Throwing or Repeater?

    One of my characters will have at least one, maybe two free feats once the cap goes to 20. I have just about all the other feats I really want on him, and I'm considering something to boost ranged combat options, solely for the very rare occasions I'm forced into it.

    I am considering trying Quickdraw + a lightning 2 throwing axe


    heavy repeater (lightning 2 or disintegrate; anyone have any experience with either?)

    I most likely will only have 1 free feat, so heavy repeater would not have rapid reload, rapid fire, or improved crit.

    Anyone have any experience with how effective either will be (compared to other ranged options, not compared to melee) or with different flavors of ranged greensteel weapons in general?

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    It depends on what you're going to be using them for. If you're going to be using it for a ranged weapon that you sometimes pull out when you need to range something Throwing Axe (no need to keep track of ammo)

    If you're going to be using it quite a lot (say half of a quest) then you want to go with the Repeater. While you get your Str to damage for the throwing axe. The speed a Repeater can get makes it good to get multiple shots in while closing distance (rapid reload makes it better)

    If you're going to be using ranged weapons all the time (which probably is not the case for you) Throwing Axe. Again unlimited ammo for it, plus correct tactics means you'll always be out of melee range for your target.
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