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Thread: Aces Over Kings

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    yes...heffty needs to update the OP
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkasavan View Post
    You stole pepy from our guild and didnt even make him an officer.
    Also, i know several people have reouble with your guild, but i havent had any, and all or your guild members ive grouped with have been kind and uber.
    Also, I dont think you put your whole member base in that list, because the person i had grouped with isnt in it i think.
    If you look at the date of the post, that might explain some things.
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    Default Looks like it's time to update this lol

    Had a few changes in the guild, lost a player or 2 along the way, but have successfully filled any empty beds on the guild ship with fantastic new guildies. Will be updating the guild roster soon.

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