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    Question Making Secondary Fighter Types

    Does anyone else enjoy making secondary fighters?
    You don't need to get the max DPS, but like going for the flank.
    Maybe you have a couple rogue levels for those sneak attack numbers while your tempest friend beats the hell out of the mob.
    Perhaps you will wield the cursespewing and destruction daggers.
    Am I alone in this joy?
    (AND, just for the record, I am not merely failing at making a strong tank or power DPS type. I have done so and just prefer the backup role.)

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    That would be my halfling finesse 8 fighter/6 ranger/2 rogue

    Evasion w/ 30ish reflex, 1d6 sneak attack (before enhancements), tempest, feats, good AC, lots of HP, and can tank in a pinch. Until I finish gearing up my 14 ranger/1 monk/1 rogue, it's my most powerful character.

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    That's how I view my rogue. At 275 HP she can't stand up to the frontal assault, but she'd loads of fun sneaking in behind and assasinating and/or sneak attacking to death whatever the Barbarian/Tempest/etc is beating on. You get some mighty nice sneak attack numbers on a high level rogue

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    My Drow 12 ranger/4 rogue (13 rgr/5 rog/2 mnk @ cap) and my dragonmarked halfling 10 fighter/5 ranger/1 wizard (10 ftr/9/rgr/1/wiz @ cap) both fulfill secondary roles. I like multidimensional characters that can doo lots of things not just hit things with a stick. My DPS build is a bard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Milamber69 View Post
    Please forgive my personal attack, I was high on Platypus Venom at the time.

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    Thelanis of course!


    For every Michael Jordan there needs to be a Scottie pippen for every Carl Malone there needs to be a JohnStockton.
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles" TsunTzu

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    Quote Originally Posted by baddax View Post
    For every Michael Jordan there needs to be a Scottie pippen for every Carl Malone there needs to be a JohnStockton.
    only in games that require more than one person. ddo can often be soloed without a lackie or pileon.

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