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    Quote Originally Posted by Shattered.likeness View Post
    Seems like this thread is getting some attention again.
    If by attention you mean someone necroed a thread that hasn't had an official response or update in 4 or 5 years.

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    Default Rare Encounter Problems

    I have two rare encounters that I can't seem to get to work. Don't know if they are bugs are I am just doing them wrong.

    1. Kings Forest When you find the lost villager. I run them all the way back to the entrance to Eveningstar but they just stand they. They won't go in and the quest doesn't complete. Even if I teleport into eveningstar and back out again. They are still just standing there asking me to take them to Eveningstar. Is this encounter completable?

    2. Storm Horns - I was just out there and got the Poaching for the Poacher encounter. I ran off and shot a deer, got some venison, shot a couple foxes and grabbed a couple fox tails. I get back to the poacher but the dialog just starts over as if I am talking to him for the first time. He never acknowledges that I have the venison and tails in my inventory. Once again am I doing something wrong or is this one broken too.

    3. Why is the text dark gray on light gray, I can't see what the **** I am typing so if there are typos, blame whichever dark person designed this web layout. Someone jump in the css and change the background color of the composing box please!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~KrelarVersion2 View Post
    If by attention you mean someone necroed a thread that hasn't had an official response or update in 4 or 5 years.
    Thread should be unstickied or locked then. There's no such thing as necroing a stickied thread.

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    Ok I know this thread is ancient but is it to late to call this thread House Erroneous to fit it with the other Stormreach houses :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    There is little value in getting into an edition debate; as with anything, we create what we believe works best for DDO.

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