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    Default Paladin, Fighter and Barbarian hirelings need better weapons!

    Especially at higher levels, the weapons the hirelings use are not very good at all for their level, they could be thematic if possible also.

    The barbarians could use anarchic or true chaos and thundering, cursing weapons.
    highest level barbs could get vorpals

    The paladins could use True law, holy, axiomatic or pure good weapons
    Highest level paladins could get disrupters

    Fighters could use transmuters, flaming, acidic, cold , electrical
    Highest level fighters could get smiters

    All Warriors should also all carry a blunt adamantite weapon for golems and boney undead.

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    I have to agree - I find that the fighter-type hirelings are near useless. They have too few hp, too low an AC, and can't seem to hit much. They can barely hold their own against a single MOB of their level; vs 2-3 they are dead. They usually are dead before doing more than 1/4 damage to a like level orange MOB.

    Charmed MOB>Hireling [though the charm does eventually wear off, you save sp on healing the hireling]

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    Sadly, yes. The melee combat hirelings really don't seem to be worth paying for, even for entertainment factor (well, maybe to watch him chase down all those crates and barrels). I'm not saying a cleric or bard should be able to break out a barbarian and make it through a tough quest doing nothing but heal and buff the hireling, but they should at least have a reasonable chance to a)hold aggro (by Intimidate, damage, etc.), and b) survive longer than a squishy player character would while being beat on.

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