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Thread: few build ideas

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    Default few build ideas

    ok so i was thinking today about what im gona roll new mod. Here a few ideas i have.

    1. An barb build (14/2 barb fighter) build that uses intimadate a lot but once uses intima just beats on stuff does not shield block. Has the feat that makes stuff shaken when he uses intima. *cliercs bewair will use your mana )

    2. a wiz or sorc w/ 1 lvl of bard for umd fire/elct spect.

    3. Or just a pure humin sorc.

    any input would be loved


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    Barb if you're going thf forget the 2 lvls of ftr and go pure, capstone is pretty nice for thf.

    1 lvl of bard? ugh why? Most sorc's should get their umd high enough already and the capstones for wizzies and sorc's i think are great.

    Pure human sorc's are awsome. Max umd cha, take at least a 14 con and you are set.

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