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    Default Fighter Capstone: Weapon Alacrity

    With this preview, we've completed our pass through the various prestige enhancement lines and capstones.

    Fighters are the most versatile of our martial classes, and in Module Nine we've given them ways to express themselves as the master of a single weapon style through the Kensai, or a defensive bulwark that protects the party as a Stalwart Defender. Their capstone is tied to the thought that while a paladin has their faith and a ranger is tied to the wild, mastery of weapons is what fighters strive for.

    Fighter Weapon Alacrity
    Prereqs: Fighter level 20
    Cost: 2 Action Points
    Benefit: Your mastery with all weapons is such that you are able to attack faster than normal. Grants a 10% Competence bonus to attack speed with all combat styles.

    The Ranger may be faster with a bow (or specialize to match your attack speed with two weapons), and the Thief-Acrobat or Monk may wield a staff with greater speed, they all fall apart when forced from their specialized combat styles. Bow, great weapon, shield... It doesn't matter to a well trained fighter. The Kensai will still obviously prefer their chosen weapon, but will be no slouch with another style.

    As with all of the previews, this capstone is subject to change before it goes live.
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