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    Default Looking for a good solo build!

    Looking for a good solo build I was thiking some kind of melee cleric or a wizard ranger warforged build... Any input?

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    Default I have a toon that I play solo almost all the time

    Human, 4 Ranger/ 4 Fighter, I solo almost all the time and have taken on up to level 9 quests (don't always live through my first foray, when going that high, but do quite well). I have buffed every either with a +2 tome, or for some of the things I don't need too much just a +1. Duel weapon build with both str and dex at 21 and 20 respectively, my armor class is 32 +3 with a DR of 4. Use both bastard swords and a heavy repeater, although my key to damage is really that I can hide very well, with +7 hide boots and +7 move silently ring. My general strategy is that I have a bane combo for just about everything, and if that doesn't do the trick I fall back on some very powerful base weapons, both of which, and really this is a key for me as most of my equipment is human only, giving everything a nice bonus.
    So I stalk my prey, with a general enough knowledge about what I will likely face to set my weapon slots with the bane weapons I will need. I sneak up, equip the proper bane weapons and rip them apart. I should add that I am highly dependent on potions. I never enter combat without barkskin +3 & heroism; depending on the danger I might add mage armor, a protection from a given element, haste, etc. The key is really being a ranger allows me to scout a situation and be ready. I also use scarabs of spell absorbtion, and a cure serious wound wand (for after the fight), in fight I use cure serious wound potions. I keep some spell gloves and bracers, which are the only non-essential clothing or jewelry I have, such as web, bane, hypnotize. They come in handy sometimes, but only when things don't go as planned. The new hirelings are useful, I don't use them until the very end of a quest as a rule, and so far they have mainly run interference while I got into postion or took some potions.
    I am thinking that when I level, I will add a level of wiz. While I don't like the idea of spreading myself that thin, the one level would give me access to wands like stoneskin, bull's strength, cat's grace, and other buffs, plus some first strike wands like fireball, lightening, etc. My int is respectable if not great at 16, which I think is fine for one level of wizard.
    I don't know if this is helpful, but I think the keys are whatever you build make ranger or rougue a part so that you can sneak, you can't solo without it! Also, bane weapons and potions. The way I play comes down to the boyscout motto, "Be Prepared!" By the way you will have noticed this is very expensive. I use money from another toon that I use mainly to farm with, when I feel like dealing with finding a party. I only play between 1am and 6am eastern, so I sometimes find it hard.
    Hope I gave you some ideas.

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    Depends on what you want to solo and how you want to solo.

    There are stealth like missions. Monastery of scorp good example
    There are ac/evasion zerg missions. Most melee build solos go here for fighting named mobs in conditions where they cant spend to much time healing so they just rarely get hit. Enter the Kobold
    There are caster missions like Prey on the Hunter
    Then there are caster clr like Running with the devils.

    It really depends what style you want to play and at what difficulty. Example is I doubt you'll find any other class other then a caster clr that can solo Running with the devils on elite in about 10-15 mins. But the same build wont be able to solo prey on the hunter efficiently(well maybe not till next mod, energy drain/command in place of enervate/fts).

    Most missions under lvl 10 are easier to solo and are more about knowledge of mission and terrain, saves/immunities and ac. At higher levels it becomes a little more complicated were certain builds are much more efficient to use if not impossible.
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