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    Default A sorcerer in search of a home

    Hello all. For those who may not remember me, sorry. I've been playing off and on since launch. However in the past I've had too many MMOs to keep this one active all the time. There also was too little content originally. That and two forced 6 month breaks from being online mean I'm still around level 6 with my first reroll. Anyway, now that a friend is also getting into DDO I'm planning on keeping this game active more often. As such, I thought that it might be time for Shardrena to find a guild.

    Currently as my sig says, Shardrena is a level six sorc. My build is based around a fire spec. As such I mostly have fire spells for offense, with a smattering of crowd control (mostly web) and other damage types. ideally I'd like to join a fairly small and laid back, yet active guild. One who I could party with regularly, but isn't entirely centered around raids and extreme speed leveling.

    While I do eventually want to do raids, and get to the level cap... I also want to take my time and have fun. Run the various quests and chains with friends, laugh, joke, and have a good time. I find that guilds who focus all their attention just on raiding lose track of what makes the game fun for some of us.

    I can be snarky, and sometimes rude. However I enjoy helping people out. The rudeness mostly comes into play when people are being jerks. Sometimes I like to RP, other times not. Either way I play for the social aspects of MMOs more then anything.

    Can anyone suggest a good guild to look into?

    I should comment I think why I'm only level six... for the last 4 months worth of active subscription time all anyone has wanted to invite me along for almost is STK. Man I am so sick of STK. Shardrena has run it about 30 times now, and hasn't gotten any xp from it the last 17 times I think. Good loot, but I need xp to level. I've been trying for about 2 and a half years now to regain level seven after rerolling my main as a drow. Most of that time spent soloing outleveled harbor quests.
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    You might fit in friends in arms a really nice bunch

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    Check out TES

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    Default welcome back

    Look for me ingame. I run lower level alts.

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