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    Default build idea will it wrok

    Ok so this build is ment for pritty good ac and being able to hit things a lot. Its a 11 ranger 3 pally 2 monk

    Here he goes

    1 ranger wep fenise
    2 ranger
    3 monk CE-dodge
    4 monk Toughness
    5 pally
    6 pally mobility
    7 pally
    8 ranger
    9 ranger spring attack
    10-11 ranger
    12 imp crit slash
    13-14 ranger
    15 ranger lighting relfexes (for tempist 2)
    16-20 ranger
    all points in to dex.

    Ac rundown should look like this

    +1 pally
    +6 ac bracers
    +5 deflection item
    +6 monk
    +7 docent(Dragon Tuched)
    +4 shroud
    +11 dex
    +5 CE
    +1 dodge
    +1 ritual
    +1 tempist
    54 unbuffed
    +3 bark pot
    +4 shield clicky
    61 self buffed
    +5 bard
    +2 ranger bark (diffrince between my pot and a ture bark)
    +5 pally
    +2 clierc
    75 raid buffed ac

    so hows he look. Did i leve any thing out on the ac??? plez let me know


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    First thought...Move CE from level 3 to much later. That -5 to-hit penalty is pita at low levels.

    AC wise...
    Not positive but I don't think AC bracers and Docent stack. Pretty sure they're both AC bonuses...Don't play WF often so I may be mistaken.

    Why Barkskin pots? You're going to be playing a Ranger so at max levels you should be self buffing...

    You have +5 Pally under other. However, that won't stack with the point from your personal Aura. So only +4 when there's a full Pally nearby.

    **EDIT** Per a dev posting. Tempest AC bonus is being changed to a Shield Bonus. Means it won't stack with Shield Clickies. Tempest 2 = +3 Shield AC. Shield Clicky will only add 1 point.**/EDIT**

    New Mod was suppose to be coming out around the 3rd Anniversary (IE end of Feb). I'd really recommend holding off on a new build till after that happens. Never know what's going to change.
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