First of all, apologies for the pun in the subject header. I could not resist (Not even with GH's boost to saves).

I'm always a fan of Eberron-specific content so here goes:

Level 5 (Elves, Wiz, Sorc)
Glimpse of Eternity - confuses enemies (will save) and deals non-lethal damage (could be converted to WIS dmg for DDO)

Level 6 (Wiz, Sorc, Brd)
Glimpse of the Prophecy - stuns enemies (Will save) or provides caster with insight bonus to saves\skills

And finally, a homebrew spell:

Level 9
Blossom of the Daelkyr Lords
Level: Wiz/Sor9, Druid8, Chaos8, Madness8)
Components: V, S, special
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: 30ft. cone
Targets: All affected
Duration: instantaneous or 3 rounds + 1 round/5 levels
Saving Throw: Fort (special)
Spell Resistance: No

Tiny, orange tentacles grow from the palm of your outstretched hand, clawing at the air in front of them and emitting a maddenly chittering sound. Suddenly, a large multi-hued flower bursts wetly from your palm, spewing nauseating pollen in a forward facing cone. The tentacles flick at the air hungrily and whip up the pollen cloud.

All creatures within the 30ft cone are covered in the pollen and suffer 1d4 WIS and 1d4 CON damage every round unless they succeed at a FORT save (half damage). Affected creatures continue to take WIS and CON damage for the duration of the spell but are allowed saves every round. Creatures are also nausesated by the pollen cloud (no save).

A Heal spell (or higher level magic) stops the spell from inflicting further ability damage (but does not remove ability damage already taken) and removes the nausea effect. A Remove Disease or Dispel Chaos spell shortens the remaining duration of the spell by half as well as removing the nausea effect.

Creatures who die as a result of CON damage from this spell dissolve into a slimey mess and are reanimated 1 round later as a green ooze with hit dice equal to half the creature's original level (the ooze does not continue to take CON or WIS damage from this spell). The green ooze is not under the control of the caster and the transformed creature can only brought back to life by a Wish spell, True Ressurection or similar magic. Creatures who fall to 0 WIS points from this spell are driven horribly insane and will obey any commands given to it by a Daelkyr.