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    Default Bloodstone frequency

    I have been looting the Desert in hopes of pulling a Bloodstone. I have looted the Palmouk chest at least 15 times and NO named loot yet.

    What are the chances of a Bloodstone? 1 in 30, 1 in 50? Does anyone know?

    Also what is the most valuable piece of loot in the game at this point in your opinion?


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    Default Luck

    Ran that desert loot run for over a year on three different characters to ransack and never saw a bloodstone drop. Then the drought stopped and I received two back to back from the mephit chest and a week later one from the thirsty chest. Haven't seen any drop since and I have never even seen the greaves or spell storing ring fall at all! I am positive number crunchers will give you percentages...but to me it's all just luck!
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    Bloodstone is under 1%

    Duskheart is a bit more likely from the same chest(s).

    For the effort, Gold Goins are pretty valuable at the moment.

    Valuable as in worth plat to sell or valuable as in extremely useful the character. If the later most of those bind or you craft yourself so somewhat a moot point.

    If the former, high +plus to hit rapiers of banishing, W/P rapiers (although that might be changing if all the foreshadowing has any merit), and a few items which seldom see the AH or public trade venues. Of course unbound tomes of high bonus 3+ as well.
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    I have been looting for 5 months whenever I get a chance and haven't seen a bloodstone drop, but did see the greaves drop once. I have looted the chests between 300-500 times and nothing.
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    Default It does suck

    Quote Originally Posted by Original View Post
    I have been looting for 5 months whenever I get a chance and haven't seen a bloodstone drop, but did see the greaves drop once. I have looted the chests between 300-500 times and nothing.
    I know it sucks, but this is the way of things yound Padawan. Surprisingly though, I actually just pulled on this morning during my normal 5:30-6:30 am Desert run

    First one I have personally pulled in over 6 months.
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    Been looting to ransack there for about 3 months straight and have never seen a bloodstone. I've pulled two duskhearts in that period.

    One problem is what appears to be a major change to the spawn rate of rare mobs in the desert since Mod 8. Prior to Mod 8, I was finding 3-4 rares on the undead side every run. Now, I normally get 0-1. Note that I don't check the air elemental. I'd rather skip 100 chests than fight one broken air elemental. I started tracking it recently and only have 20 points of data but here's what I've seen in the last 20 runs:

    0 Rares: 16
    1 Rare: 3
    2 Rares: 1
    3 Rares: 0
    4 Rares: 0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draccus View Post
    Note that I don't check the air elemental.
    Bring an arcane caster with you. As a 16 sorc I can solo the air elemental faster than I can kill the trash mobs leading up to it. Jumping through the rock crevace keeps elemental trash to a minimum.

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